Brooklyn Nets present The Untold: Reverend Herbert Daughtry

“We are people of hope. Bishop Tutu used to say, “I am addicted hope. If you want to know what my addiction is, it’s hope.” I believe we are a people of hope and destined, I believe, to show the world kindness, what living together and respecting all human beings irrespective of background looks like. That I believe, that I work and struggle for.” – Rev. Daughtry

This year, we partnered with Black History Untold created by Sofiya Ballin to produce 10 profiles for “The Untold”.


About The Untold

Presenting the stories you haven’t heard, and the stories you haven’t heard enough about. This is the mission of The Untold, bringing essential passages of our history to light through the eyes of modern-day Black historymakers: artists, activists, and athletes who push culture forward every day. Visit us each day in February for a new story as we present 28 untold stories of Black history.

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