Nets-76ers Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Kenny Atkinson, Brooklyn Nets

On Philadelphia’s performance tonight:
“They dominated us in every fashion. I don’t think there is an aspect of the game tonight where they didn’t dominate and I just have to give them a lot of credit. I thought they were the more aggressive team. They really, really got after us defensively and then offensively, we couldn’t stop them, obviously. So, these are the tough ones for a coach because you’re trying to get something positive out of it and for some reason, and that’s on me, we didn’t have it tonight. We just didn’t have it and I think they dominated us at every position. At the coach position also. I just think it was a great job by the Sixers. They played a great game.”

On if anything in particular stood out to him about tonight’s game:
“I hope this doesn’t sound too vague, it was just a force they applied. You just felt the force and they just overwhelmed us. From rebounding, to loose balls, to shooting, I thought their rim protection was excellent. Obviously they switch a lot of stuff. We got to the rim and couldn’t convert. These are the ones we really have to look at and try to find out what happened on tape too, but I really think it was in every phase.”

On if being a long, athletic team with the ability to switch is a necessity in the modern NBA:
“That’s where it’s going. There is no doubt about it. We’ve seen a lot of it lately. We saw Golden State; a lot of teams are doing it now. And I would say we’ve done a pretty good job against teams that switch a lot and have found ways to score against teams that switch. Tonight, what it causes is the ball starts sticking and we just get into one-on-one basketball a little too much. That’s the hard thing about switching. We’ve talked about it before. You think you have a mismatch, so you say I have to go one-on-one. Or you think you have a mismatch on the perimeter or the post, I have to go one-on-one and somehow we have to find that balance when they do switch so we can keep moving it sometimes too and attack that way. But it causes a lot of problems, especially with a team with that size, that athleticism, and that strength. They’re a strong, physical team.”

D'Angelo Russell

On how difficult the 76ers were to defend tonight:
“I mean they came out, just from the jump, ready to play. You’ve got to give them credit. We didn’t (come out and play). For 48 minutes they just kept making that happen, being aggressive. Aggressive won.”

On whether it was an issue defensively or if the 76ers were just hot tonight:
“I just feel like we’ve got to treat every team like Golden State. When we came out ready to play everybody stepped up. It wasn’t 48 minutes, but we started the game and gave ourselves a chance. I feel like today we didn’t really give ourselves a chance.”

On whether he felt like they had a chance to turn the game around in the 3rd quarter when they came within six points:
“We just never stopped them. We scored the ball tonight, but we just couldn’t get any stops when we needed to – or they got to the free throw line to kind of slow our run and stuff like that. So we’ve just got to be better.”

On whether it was more of an issue with the Nets rather than facing the 76ers:
“Yeah, they’re a great team. They’ve got a lot of great players over there. They’re well-coached, but I feel like we could have given ourselves a better chance by being better prepared coming into the game from the players’ perspective, the players’ standpoint, so we’ve just got to lock in as a group and do that for these last few games.”

Spencer Dinwiddie

On what the 76ers did to give the Nets problems:
“They were like blistering hot in the first half. And then they outrebounded us in the game and I just think after that start they played well in the second half as well to seal the deal. But the start really hurt.”

On the difficulty of getting into a rhythm offensively with the lack of transition plays:
“That’s definitely part of it. But we also put up 60 points in the first half so we scored at a solid clip. We’ve just got to stop people. And some of that was them (Sixers) hitting tough shots, so you have to give them credit on some of them. But we also had mental errors where we gave up 10, 12 points in the game. Can’t do that, obviously changes the whole flow of the game. Just a completely different psychology to the game.”

On the difference from their first meeting with the 76ers:
“Like I said, I think we repeated our ability to score effectively against them, in the first half especially. Like I said before, they started out really, really hot. They made a lot of shots. Part them, part us. We’ve got to do better on that end so we have a lead going into halftime and we can weather our own offensive storm.”

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