Brooklyn Nets' Jarrett Allen and Local 4-H Kids Find Innovative Way to Track Fitness

The Nets rookie and some local children create a device to monitor fitness

BROOKLYN – Jarrett Allen is a self-professed tech lover and plays basketball for a living, so anytime he can combine his two passions, he’s all in. Especially when it’s for local children.

The Nets rookie center partnered with 4-H, a organization that focuses on mentoring kids, to build fitness monitors last Friday at the HSS Training Center. This is the second time that the player and organization worked together, as they initially collaborated for a Thanksgiving event a few months ago. Allen, whose father works at Dell as an operations manager, was excited to take part.

“It’s almost like building a computer basically, I have a passion for that so doing this small thing was pretty fun,” Allen told BrooklynNets.com.

Allen and the kids spent 20 minutes building the devices, called “Incredible Wearables” from scratch. After the units were built, Allen and the 4-H’ers took the court to try it out.

To watch how Allen and the kids were able to build the “Incredible Wearables,” check out the video below:

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