Nets-Pacers Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Kenny Atkinson, Brooklyn Nets

On the difference in the fourth quarter:
“We couldn’t stop them. Defense again I think was our Achilles heel. Thirty-five points is just too many. I just felt like they got too many easy baskets, too many easy looks. There were too many breakdowns. Until we fix up our defense it’s going to be tough to get a W. That’s the way it is. We’re going to look at it, we’re going to look at our coverages, we’re going to look at who’s in the game. That’s disappointing to give up that many points in the fourth quarter.”

On the message to the team heading into the All-Star break:
“We have to come back with a bit of a chip on our shoulder. We’re struggling right now and see if we can make some money after the All-Star break, see if we can come back focused. That’s frustrating I think for all of us. We have to turn it around. We have I think 24 games after the All-Star break, see if we can make a little money and play well going into that offseason. I said last year, it’s so important. We did that last year, we really improved after the All-Star break. We’re kind of stagnating right now.”

On whether the defensive breakdown was on an individual or the team:
“I think it did spread around, I don’t think there’s any one person. Obviously (Victor) Oladipo, we couldn’t really slow him down. I think Lance Stephenson starts a quarter off with a three, we go under the pin, we get hit by the pin rolling. He hits a three and that kind of got them going. It’s like plugging them dead, we have a lot of holes there and I can’t give you one particular reason but I thought it was spread around pretty good. Fifteen offensive rebounds, that’s obviously an issue right now. We’re not rebounding the ball like we need to, we’re not defending like we need to and that’s not going to get it done, it’s not going to get the win.”

Allen Crabbe

On if he got the shots he wanted down the stretch:
“I think we got the shots we wanted and we missed some. For the most part we had some costly turnovers too, I mean even me. We were down five so that kind of contributed to us not executing at the end there, coming up with another loss and it’s frustrating. It sucks that we keep putting ourselves in winning situations and we keep coming up short. Like I said, we were definitely looking forward to getting this big win going into the All-Star break now we got like a week before our next game so hopefully this break gives us some time to really get our minds right and attack this second half of the season.”

On heading into the All-Star break:
“Just gotta stay on top of my body. Over the break we just come back and reenergize and continue to pick up where I left off.”

On how his game has improved:
“Just on the defensive side. I think last year was definitely not a good defensive performance for me just looking at the numbers and all that stuff. I think that I saw it and I’m putting a lot of effort and energy into it this year, especially when the offense hasn’t been really cliquing for me, but lately it has. Just trying to focus on doing it on both ends of the floor.”

D'Angelo Russell

On Coach’s message heading into the All-Star break:
“Really preaching take care of your bodies, but just having a better mentality coming back. All-Star break is a chance for teams to relax a little bit, and he wanted to preach for us to do the opposite and come back and have a chip on our shoulder and get it done.”

On the state of the team right now:
“I just feel like we’re doing just alright – just enough to get by – and not finishing games. And that comes with playing for all 48 minutes and not just three quarters or whatnot – or forgetting to play in the last four minutes – so making winning plays down the stretch, stuff like that. I think we’ll figure it out sooner or later, realize we’ve got to do it together.”

On whether the Pacers were getting to them defensively at the end of the game when the Nets missed eight straight shots:
“Every team steps up when the time comes. That’s not an excuse for us to miss shots or whatnot, but we’ve just got to do better at making winning plays. I think it’s the defensive end, not the offensive end for us.”

On whether there is an issue communicating defensively or if it was something else:
“Just taking up that individual challenge. Everybody trying to win that one-on-one battle with your guy and trying to help your teammates at the same time, but having that mentality of, I’m going to win this battle with my guy. I think that’ll do us better.”

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