Nets-Pelicans Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Kenny Atkinson, Brooklyn Nets

On what he told the team after tonight’s game:
“It’s just too many times we’ve gotten into a big hole. I love to talk about the positive. I love the comeback, I loved our spirit in the second half, how competitive we are. Just mystified how the first half was completely different. We’ve talked about this before, you just can’t get in a hole, down 28 against a very good team. But I am proud of the way we kept together. We stuck together and really competed and made it a heck of a game.”

On what was the issue offensively in the third overtime:
“Yeah, they switch everything and that makes it hard. We have to make plays and we have to figure out – I have to figure out how to help them more. But they switched it, switched a lot of our pick-and-rolls. We got (Nikola) Mirotic in the pick-and-roll, which we wanted to, we got the switches on him. I think we got to the rim a couple of times and didn’t finish. You know, Anthony Davis came over and blocked one but Spencer (Dinwiddie) has been really good in those situations, exploiting those mismatches. It just didn’t go our way tonight.”

On if they changed anything defensively in the second half to get different results:
“Yeah, we obviously started the game small. We started with DeMarre (Carroll) at the four and then we put DeMarre back at the three and we brought Quincy (Acy) in, so we were just bigger. Being bigger helped us rebound and really helped us immensely.”

Allen Crabbe

On how he would describe his confidence level right now:
“I feel like I’m making shots, so it’s nothing new to me. I just feel like my teammates are finding me, putting me in good situations, good opportunities. I’m getting good looks. They’re screening for me well, finding me in transition. Like you said, you’ve just got to keep shooting the ball regardless. Coach tells me if you get 15 three’s up, who cares. Just keep shooting. That’s what I’m doing and the ball is going in for me right now, and just keep playing like that.”

On what sparked the comeback:
“I think in the second half we got ourselves in a big hole again, and we owe it to our fans not to get blown out like that. Obviously, we didn’t play like us, as an organization wants to play in the first half, so Coach didn’t even come in and yell at us. He said y’all figure it out and get it together. I feel like we had a good effort in the second half but you can’t keep playing catch up all the time. It was a big hole, 27, 28, I guess we were down. Like I said, in the NBA, you can’t do that. We gave ourselves a chance, but didn’t make the plays we needed to make down the stretch.”

On whether it is more of a chastisement that Kenny Atkinson didn’t yell at the team:
“At some point, we need to figure it out. We’re the ones out there playing. We’re the ones out there seeing the actions, going through the motions against other teams. It’s just us. We’ve got to get ourselves off to better starts and not get ourselves into big holes like that.”

Spencer Dinwiddie

On the emotions after a loss like this:
“Obviously, we are all tired. We all played a lot. It’s disappointing we can’t call it a victory after two overtimes. Obviously, we recognize we need to start better so that we don’t put ourselves in that position. And same old, same old.”

On what got the Nets back in the game:
“We started playing basketball. Playing hard. Making shots. Defending. Just intensity, focus, everything – just ratcheting it up. Play with that level of intensity from the jump.”

On what the difference was in the second overtime:
“They hit the first couple and we didn’t. Once you get to that position in the game, it is just kind of bang, bang, really. It is two overtimes – obviously you played your stalemate through regulation and through one overtime. So it is what it is.”

On getting back into the game by playing harder:
“The personalities they have has stuff to do with it in any situation or scenario but as a unit we just have to play harder, play better. It is inexcusable that we get down by 30. There is no reason for us to do that.”

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