Nets-Clippers Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Kenny Atkinson, Brooklyn Nets

On where the Nets struggled the most tonight:
“Defensively. We couldn’t stop them. We never found any solution to stop them. They really got downhill on us. Their pick-and-roll game, their guards were in the paint and they were laying it up or shooting floaters or throwing the lob. We held them to 16 three’s but, again, did way too many paint drives. We knew we had to keep them out of the paint and we never did it. That was the story of the game, couldn’t stop them.”

On the impact of the losses have on the team mentally:
“Obviously, we’re all frustrated right now. It’s a tough time. This is a tough stretch we’re going through, but we have one more game before the All-Star break. I told the guys, let’s put our energy into getting one against Indiana. A good Indiana team, but we’re at home. It would be a good thing for our morale to get one before the All-Star break so we go in with some positive feelings.”

On if there is concern that the team is already looking ahead to the All-Star break:
“I hope not. I trust our guys. I think they’re very professional. I think we ran into a very good team. You can’t forget, the Clippers are a very good team and I give them credit. They played well. Now, I think our guys are fatigued, just like everybody in the NBA is fatigued. Obviously, we’ve been playing some guys big minutes lately. Double overtime game, big minutes, and tonight again we had to play some guys big minutes and I think we’re a little fatigued, but somehow we have to find the energy. Get our juices for Indiana.”

Joe Harris

On how the recent losing streak has affected the team:
“I mean, it’s definitely difficult right now. Nobody in here likes to lose, especially in the fashion that we have been here lately. It seems like lately we’ve been digging ourselves holes and you can’t beat teams in the NBA when you’re trying to overcome 20-point deficits. The other night [Saturday] it was 28, like you just can’t fall into holes like that and expect to come back and try to win games, it takes too much energy first of all, to crawl your way back in and this is kind of getting repetitive at this point. But at this point, our mindset needs to shift on Indiana and we need to focus in and try and get one before the break so we can have some momentum going into the All-Star break.”

On what makes the Clippers so difficult:
“They obviously have a fair share of playmakers offensively. It makes it tough when guys like Lou Williams, Teodosic, Rivers are able to get downhill all night and either make a play at the rim or throwing it up for Jordan. They just did a good job of picking us apart when they were able to get downhill on us.”

On the strategy when the Nets struggle from distance:
“Well I think you want guys to still shoot with confidence, you don’t want them to be hesitant to shoot three’s. Coach gives us a lot of freedom offensively and we should all be really shooting with confidence even if you miss a couple. Sometimes that’s how nights go and either hopefully you can get some in others areas, whether it be in transition or get going through your defense, too. Tonight we just didn’t do a good enough job of creating offense in other areas to help us out from not shooting it well from three.”

D'Angelo Russell

On the team digging themselves into holes:
“A lot can go into it. Missed shots, defense, a lot can go into it. It’s something as a collective group we’ve got to figure out and try to change it before next game.”

On what the biggest difficulty was in dealing with the Clippers:
“They played defense. They’ve got a heck of a coach. Putting those schemes out there to guard our offense. They’ve got DeAndre (Jordan) back there waiting for anybody, so it’s just something you’ve got to figure out. Going into the next game we can definitely look back at this one and take something from it.”

On the Nets having difficulty keeping the Clippers out of the paint:
“We’ve just got to be better as a group. We’ve just got to be better.”

On how he feels physically:
“I feel good.”

On whether the All-Star break is coming at a good point:
“A break is always good. It will give us time to debrief, reflect on what we need to do. Getting our habits and our routines to finish off the season strong. It definitely could be beneficial for us.”

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