Brooklyn Nets Make Super Bowl LII Predictions: Patriots Heavy Favorites

Nets players weigh in on what to expect in Super Bowl LII

Super Bowl LII is here and the excitement has definitely hit the Nets.

There’s been plenty of predictions on the game between the Eagles and the Patriots, which are based on regional loyalties, friendly inner-locker room rivalries and in some cases just the odds quite honestly.

Kenny Atkinson is a case in point.

The Nets head coach is a long-suffering fan of the New York Jets, but despite his favorite team’s intense rivalry with New England, the choice is clear.

“I’m afraid to say it, and the players will kill me, I’m not rooting for anybody, but I pick the Patriots,” Atkinson told BrooklynNets.com

Atkinson actually doesn’t think the game will be close, going with a 31-17 score prediction. His players on the other hand, actually think the game will be much closer.

“It will be 27-24 Eagles,” said Allen Crabbe.

Crabbe’s father hails from Philadelphia and he grew up watching the Eagles, despite being born and raised in Los Angeles. Crabbe joins Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, who is from Chester, PA (15 miles away from Philadelphia), and Spencer Dinwiddie as the three players who picked the underdogs to pull off an upset against the favored Patriots.

“I hate the Patriots, so I’m going with Philly,” Dinwiddie said before pointing to a newfound NFL solidarity with Hollis-Jefferson. “I hope he is [happy I picked the Eagles], he’s always mad at me for something so hopefully he’ll be happy about that.”

For the rest of the Nets’ locker room, the Patriots came in as the heavy favorites.

“I just think they [the Patriots] are the better team,” Bears fan Jahlil Okafor told BrooklynNets.com. “I would have had them winning the Super Bowl before the season even started just because I’m a big believer in Tom Brady and that whole entire organization. They’ve done amazing things.”

Okafor had admitted he shied away from telling Hollis-Jefferson his Super Bowl pick.

“I know how Philly people get when they hear stuff like that.”

Russell wasn’t worried about any hurt feelings with his prediction.

“Rondae is going with Philly so I’m going with the Patriots,” Packers fan Russell said with a smirk. “I can’t predict the score, but Tom Brady gets the win.”

Giants and Panthers’ fan LeVert wouldn’t go against his fellow Michigan alum with his pick.

“I can’t go against Tom Brady, a Michigan man,” he said.

Russell and LeVert aren’t alone in picking Brady to get his sixth Super Bowl win. Joe Harris, Jarrett Allen, Isaiah Whitehead all agreed that the Patriots should be able to get another Lombardi trophy in Minneapolis. There were some hilarious other picks though.

“Cowboys!” Acy yelled out when asked who will win SB LII and DeMarre Carroll still can’t get over the Steelers getting upset by the Jaguars in the Divisional Round.

In either case, allegiances might be split for now, but one thing is certain. After Brooklyn's game vs. Milwaukee and the clock hits 6:30 p.m. ET Sunday night, there will plenty within the Nets organization tuned in for the big game.

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