Brooklyn Nets Make Their Picks For NFL Championship Sunday

BROOKLYN – There are few topics that spark debate as much as the NFL playoffs. The Brooklyn Nets are no exception.

It can create playful trash-talk in the locker room, open old wounds, or reveal indifference.

Take Spencer Dinwiddie for example.

A frustrated 49ers fan, the 24-year-old is specifically rooting against teams in NFL due to teammates and training staff who are fans of those said teams.

“I’m going to go on record and pick the Jacksonville Jaguars over the Patriots this weekend,” Dinwiddie boldly said to BrooklynNets.com before revealing why. “We have so many Patriots fans…. Man our whole training staff [is] almost [all fans]. Just to burn them up, I’m going to pick them.”

Then he targeted Rondae Hollis-Jefferson next.

“I’m going to do another one – since Rondae is a Philly guy, I’m going to pick Minnesota.” Dinwiddie “Minnesota-Jacksonville SuperBowl baby!”

Hollis-Jefferson, who hails from Chester, PA, which is 15 miles south of Philadelphia, revealed there’s a deeper-seeded reason behind his teammate’s ribbing.

“You know umm, contrary to his beliefs, he really, really loves me,” Hollis-Jefferson told BrooklynNets.com with a grin. “So that’s pretty much that’s why he’s going for the Vikings. It’s like a love-hate thing. Also, the whole Colorado [University] vs. University of Arizona thing.

 “I never lost to Colorado when I played and he never lost to Arizona when he was playing. We’re kind of still going through that…It’s definitely interesting that he picks the Vikings because of that.”

As passionate as Dinwiddie and Hollis-Jefferson’s jeering of each other is, there’s a wide range of emotions from the rest of Nets’ locker room on Sunday’s NFL Championship games.

There’s DeMarre Carroll, who made it clear that he’s still reeling from the results of the Divisional Round and wouldn’t make any predictions as a result.

“I’m a Steelers’ fan so I’m still heartbroken,” he said. “So I’d rather not pick.”

Then there’s Jarrett Allen, who is completely oblivious to any pigskin-related. He had no idea of who the quarterbacks in Sunday’s games were – aside from Tom Brady of course.

“All I know is Patriots,” Allen said.

Now bring up Esports and the rookie center can tell you all about Overwatch. But overall, most of the locker room is interested in the upcoming games and it appears as the consensus Super Bowl pick is New England vs. Patriots. Sorry Jalen Ramsey.

“The Jags got a good young team for years to come, but not this year,” Joe Harris said with a laugh when discussing Ramsey’s bold prediction.

Hollis-Jefferson is still holding out hope for his home team though.

“C’mon man,” the forward said. “EAGLES!”