Brooklyn Nets' DeMarre Carroll Credits Rest For Getting Back to His Best

BROOKLYN – Sometimes all one needs is a bit of rest.

Take DeMarre Carroll for example. The Nets veteran small forward got off to a great start with his new team, averaging 14.2 points per game on 43.5 percent shooting in the two months of the season. Then due to a combination of fatigue and various niggling injuries, Carroll’s offensive production started to dip. He shot just 35 percent and averaged 10.3 points in December.

After a right knee sprain-injury in the game against the Celtics on Jan. 6 date, Carroll was sidelined for two games, which allowed him to recuperate physically. Judging on his past three games, it was a much-needed time off.

“Yeah that could be key,” Carroll said after Tuesday’s practice. “Not only physically, but mentally. I think at one point, being a shooter – I consider myself a three-point shooter – when you go through a little slump, you need a mental break.

“Get away from the game and see it from the side. That’s what happened to me.”

The 31-year-old is averaging 16 points on 48.7 shooting since his return on Jan. 12. Carroll has looked look more assertive on both sides of the court – something he acknowledged is down to working on the basics again.  Carroll focused on sharpening his fundamentals as well as making sure he was back to his best physically during his time out.

“My body feels real good, but mentally coming back and having a clean slate [was important],” he said. “To go out there and get back to my routine and my fundamentals.  Understanding what I needed to do to knock my shots [down].

The work has clearly paid off.