Brooklyn Nets' Caris LeVert Joins R2C2 Podcast to Discuss Food, NBA and Hip-Hop

The Nets' second-year guard reveals plenty in a fun interview with Ryan Rucco and C.C. Sabathia

Caris LeVert is a big fan of Chipotle. Like on a Burrito-Bowl-five-times-a-week level.

LeVert’s diet is a big reason why he believes he’s improved in his second season, according to an interview he gave with R2C2 – a podcast by The Players’ Tribune.

“This year, I changed things up a little bit. I gave up red meat and pork – I love burgers and steaks so it’s been tough” LeVert told the Podcast before later explaining the benefits. “I feel a lot more energized. I don’t get tired like during the day where I [used to] want to take a nap. Even on the court, I feel like I don’t really get tired.”

The 2016 first round pick also explained why Brooklyn was always his first choice after working out with the team prior to being drafted. The organization left an impression on the former Wolverines star.

“Man they have everything: New facility, new coaches. I felt like they were going in the right direction,” LeVert recalled. “They want to win, they’re not here just to be here…The facility [HSS Training Center] you can’t beat this, it’s crazy. “

LeVert also weighed in on adjusting to life as a young NBA player in New York City, his favorite hip hop artists and meeting Jay-Z. Definitely a must-listen. Check it out here: 

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