Nets-Pistons Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Kenny Atkinson, Brooklyn Nets

On how the game shifted after the first quarter:
“Just give them a lot of credit, I thought they dominated us. We got off to a decent start and then they dominated us the rest of the way in every phase of the game and there’s really not a lot to say much more than that. One aspect of the game, obviously we couldn’t stop them, that was first case, we’re missing a lot of shots and running back. When you’re missing all the time and you’re running back it puts a lot of pressure on your defense. I’ve got to give credit to them, they dominated us.”

On his message to the team:
“The message is we’ve got to go to Atlanta and get this one back. Disappointed for our fans, great crowd out there. We obviously do not like those type of losses, it hurts your individual pride, your competitive spirits. So message to the guys was we have to get this back, get it back in Atlanta, come back and you know, another opportunity to compete.”

On if he attributes tonight’s performance to the team hitting a wall after multiple close games:
“I think that could be a logical way of looking at things. There’s physical part of it and there’s a mental focus and we let the mental part down too tonight, it wasn’t just the physical part of it. You know when you’re competing against high-level teams like we did the last two teams here, here’s a very good NBA team, playoff team, and we just didn’t have that level of focus or that level of physical readiness for whatever reason. We’ll analyze it a little more, but listen I’ve been very pleased with the way the guys have been playing, the way they’ve been competing. Tonight we fell off a cliff a little bit. I aways look at this league, especially when you’re playing decently, it’s really the other team that causes a loss like this and they played a great game.”

Allen Crabbe

On how the game got away from them:
“They were just the aggressor, more physical. They made us turn the ball over. They basically had control of the game, majority of the game. Like I said, trying to lay catch up in this league is not easy. They kept their foot on the gas and we just couldn’t win through the storm. Got a couple stops, but they came back. Made a couple plays got going again and just got to give credit to them it was their night.”

On how their physicality played a role in the run they went on:
“They turned us over, allowed them to get their own breaks. They got some easy ones. It seemed like they weren’t missing shots at all tonight. Like I said, they got whatever they wanted. They were just comfortable and basically did whatever.”

On how the nets bounce back from a game like this:
“You just have to erase it out of your mind. I mean it was embarrassing, I mean to lose by 30 at home, that sucks. It is a new day tomorrow that is the beauty about this league. You have games every other day so you just go back, look at film. Look at what we could’ve done differently. This definitely wasn’t us. Definitely wasn’t our competitiveness, grit, and all that that defines us, we just didn’t play with that tonight so we you see those type of results when you take a step back and they had their way with us.”

On if the past few close games have caught up to the team mentally or physically:
“No, not really. We are competitors and we shouldn’t have let this game get out of hand like that. It was just their night. It happens, but you definitely don’t want to be on the losing side like we were tonight but we just have to get better.”

Spencer Dinwiddie

On what they did to get open:
“They played a push style or somewhat trapping style defense so we got the ball out. We found our shooters and as a collective we didn’t make shots and then also that ignited their break and they did a good job of converting in transition. And then also Andre (Drummond) was a beast on the offensive boards so they got more shots so they shot a higher percentage with more attempts. We couldn’t hit shots on lower attempts which is a recipe for disaster.”

On Detroit’s defense:
“I mean, it was very good tonight. It’s basically an antithesis to the way the rest of the league plays. The rest of the league is like ‘we’re gonna run you off threes’ and what not. They’re more like, ‘we’re gonna give you the three and if you hit it you hit it.’ So tonight we didn’t hit it which put us in a really deep hole and if we do then it flips the whole game on its head. But they played with great effort, great intensity, good ball pressure. They made shots. They played really well.”

On what the message is after tonight’s loss:
“Just kind of gotta flush it, really. I don’t think collectively we’ll miss as many shots as we did, and then obviously that’s the game right there. It’s a make or miss league. We miss shots and then we also did kind of let it affect our defense a little bit as the game wore on, which obviously we can’t do. Going forward it’s just one of those games, it’s going to happen a couple times a year.”

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