A New Jersey house party inspired DJAY JUNG to master the turntable, and 20 years later he’s spinning for the crowd at Barclays Center about 50 nights a year, doing Brooklyn Nets and college basketball games.

“The DJ that was there didn’t have an actual table to put his turntables on. These guys, no shoes on, on their knees, with headphones, just rocking the party. I’m like, this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve got to learn how to do this.”

He got his start by hounding that DJ for months to introduce him to the craft. After working his way up from local gigs to NYC clubs and corporate events, he quit his day job in 2006 to DJ full-time, and in 2015 he took over the booth for Nets games. From the Steve Madden booth perched above Section 1, he slides between audio for in-game action prompts, Brooklynettes and Team Hype routines, on-court contests and halftime mixes. Aside from the squeak of sneakers on the floor or the roar of the crowd, just about every sound you hear at a Nets game comes from DJAY JUNG’s booth.

“That’s what makes it so challenging all the time. I can’t take my focus away from the game for 10 seconds.”

He’s got an appreciation for all ranges of music, reflected in his collection of upwards of 4,000 vinyl records. With the advances in technology, he doesn’t have to haul them around to gigs anymore. It’s all digital.

“My style of DJing is definitely influenced by hip-hop. But through the years I just became what’s called open format, which is literally every genre across the board. Everything from hip-hop, of course, pop, 70s, 80s, funk, Motown, house, reggae, rock, you name it I cover it all.”

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