Nets fans voting in large numbers for Spencer Dinwiddie to get to 2018 All-Star Game

The popular Nets guard is getting more votes than some notable NBA stars so far

The Legend of Spencer Dinwiddie continues as the popular Nets point guard has emerged as a surprise leading #NBAVote candidate for the 2018 All-Star Game in Los Angeles.

James Harden #NBAVote was tweeted 380 times today. Spencer Dinwiddie #NBAVote was tweeted 670 times. from GoNets

Nets fans are enjoying Dinwiddie's surprising turn as a top #NBAVote candidate.

Even the 24-year-old has been caught off guard by the news.

Nets fans, keep it up, get Dinwiddie a ticket to Los Angeles by tweeting: .@SDinwiddie_25 #NBAVote

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