Nets-Pacers Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Kenny Atkinson, Brooklyn Nets

On how the Pacers were able to pull away in the second half:
"I just felt like the whole game – well, really the past two games – whatever the ‘it’ is in terms of energy and physicality, it hasn’t been there. Then tonight was another case. I thought they were the more physical team, the more energetic team. Credit to them. I thought they took us out of our stuff, pressured us, ran us off our cuts, bumped us off screens – so really heck of a game by the Pacers."

On a common thread in the last three losses:
"On both sides of the ball, not the requisite sharpness, energy. Somehow in these next two days we have to find a way to get that back. It is a little disappointing because our guys are high-level competitors and we are just not getting over the hump. Like I said, that ‘it’ – whatever that ‘it’ is – we are missing that physicality, that energy. We got to find it and we have to help them get it back."

On why Jahlil Okafor didn’t play and if it was because of the style of game:
"No. I talked to Jahlil. I had a great conversation with him. I think the plan going forward is a couple things. We need to help him get in better condition, that is first off. We need to integrate him more into the system. I think it is going to take some time. I’m not going to give you a date, but it is a strategic plan, just like we have done with all our guys, integrating guys into the team. It is going to take some time."

Allen Crabbe, Brooklyn Nets

On the postgame message to the team from coach Kenny Atkinson:
"Just our competitiveness wasn’t there, that they were more physical. So he said give them credit, they basically were the more physical team. So that’s pretty much it. He said we have to get better. He said the way we’ve been playing the last couple of games hasn’t been us so he said we have three days to get it together and just have to turn things around in the next three days."

On if there is anything missing in these last three losses:
"I don’t think so. I mean, we’re going through a little shooting slump, that happens, and we just got outplayed tonight, plain and simple."

On what changed between his really high scoring first half and the rest of the game:
"Honestly, I can’t call it. I think I shot the ball like once in the second half, so honestly I don’t know. I don’t think they did anything differently defensively. I don’t know."

On how he felt shooting as well as he did from three-point range in the first quarter:
"It felt good. It felt good to see the first one go through. In a shooting slump, you just get back in the gym and put in some extra work and it was a good night for me. So I’ll just try to build on that and try to stay consistent and make sure I’m not in one of these slumps."

Spencer Dinwiddie, Brooklyn Nets

On the difference tonight in the fourth quarter:
"I just think they had a higher level of physicality and execution, and any time a good team has that, it’s going to be hard to overcome."

On what’s been missing the last few games:
"I just think that our compete level isn’t as high as it should be and that starts with, obviously, the leaders of the group – and point guards are one of the leaders, so I have to go out there and compete better."

On what it’s going to take to get that back:
"Just a higher level of effort. We got it – man to man, everybody has it – it’s just about having it collectively, so that’s it."

On whether he’s noticed teams playing them differently to force Brooklyn to take different shots:
"I mean not too much. I’ve just kind of been broke, honestly. That’s all it is. I still get in the paint. I still make plays from my teammates. They’re hitting shots, so that’s always good. Personally, I’m just not hitting anything, so that’s really it. Teams are going to cover me however they’re going to cover me, and whichever way they decide to cover me there’s going to be an avenue for me to exploit. That’s the way basketball works."

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