Brooklyn Nets Players Embracing Life as Brooklynites

When Joe Harris joined the Brooklyn Nets in 2016, he immediately had a big decision to make on whether or not to keep his car. During his time in Cleveland, it made sense to have one, but in Brooklyn, he came to a conclusion similar to many in the borough: Ditch the ride and take the Subway or walk.

Believe it or not, Harris is one of 14 Nets players who live in Brooklyn. The 26-year-old WA-native actually lives only a few blocks away from the Barclays Center, which he admits he walks to regularly in an interview with NY1.

"I don't really get recognized a whole lot. I blend in pretty well," Harris boasted to the television station.

Harris revealed that several of his teammates live “within five blocks or so of each other” in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene neighborhood and has thoroughly enjoyed his lifestyle in the area so far.

"Now living in Brooklyn, practicing here, playing here you know there's really no reason to go in Manhattan. You can stay in Brooklyn and everything.” Harris said. “They have great restaurants, good nightlife. Everything is here in Brooklyn that you can possibly want."

To see the full interview with Harris on NY1, check it out here.


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