Nets-Jazz Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Kenny Atkinson, Brooklyn Nets

On what stands out on the box score at first glance:
“I think our bench really came in and gave us a big boost at the end of the first quarter. I thought that was where we got our separation and they came in with great energy. I think Caris and Joe and that group, Tyler Zeller I thought did a really good job, a good job defensively protecting the rim, gave us a physicality. This team’s a physical team, a typical Utah team. They screen you and they’re strong so he (Zeller) helped us in that department. But I thought overall we were ready for the physical challenge.”

On the injuries affecting the overall depth and production of the team:
“No, we don’t think about that, just think about that group coming in. I think Caris is starting to get his stride a little bit. He’s had two, three games where he’s really played well so that’s a big boost obviously. He’s handling the ball a lot, feeling more confident. That’s a big bonus for that second group.”

On the team’s 27 assists tonight:
“I thought the first half was fantastic. I thought we were flying around. I told the guys the second half we really regressed and we can’t afford to do that. I thought we really got into isolation ball, that’s not our game. So first half I give us an A and second half I’d probably give us a C in terms of ball movement. Something we can work on before the Golden State game.”

On the fourth quarter:
“They (Jazz) really put some pressure on us and those leads can go two ways. They can go to 15 or it can go down to five and then you really got a tight game. I thought we got Spencer back in there, I think that was important, got us organized, got us stabilized. He did a great job there getting us back to where we needed to be.”

Spencer Dinwiddie, Brooklyn Nets

On the biggest difference between tonight’s game and the game vs. the Jazz earlier this season:
“I didn’t play in that game, but I know that the coaches point out, he felt like we matched their physicality tonight and we played hard and our compete level was at the level that it needed to be. I know that was his biggest qualm with the game in Utah.”

On his one turnover in the first 10 minutes:
“Well, when you don’t turn the ball over, then you get more attempts at the rim. So I mean, obviously basic math. If we converted a decent clip then we get more shots and we are in a decent position for sure.”

On what part of his game is helping him protect the ball:
“I think I just am fortunate enough to make the right reads, the right guesses. I feel like when you are out there it is a series of educated guesses and so far, I have been able to make some good ones. But the tide can turn any time so I am just blessed for it and extremely fortunate for the opportunity.”

On the need to step up for the team and his career high of 25 points tonight:
“I think as a starter and as a point guard in my position you try to lead. I didn’t do anything different because of his (D’Angelo Russell) surgery. I would like to think that we won for him though, because our heart goes out to him, he is our teammate and our brother. We feel for him in this time. A lot of us have had injuries and surgeries and things of that nature. So, like I said, our heart goes out to him.”

Allen Crabbe, Brooklyn Nets

On the Nets’ ball movement tonight:
“It makes life a little bit easier for all of us on the offensive end when the ball just moves like that – makes the defense break down as well when you’re not just playing on one side, pick-and-roll and putting up a shot, dropping off to the roller to shoot. We get other options out of our offense. Sometimes teams break down off of one, two, three passes and he (Kenny Atkinson) came in at halftime and told us we need to keep that up. You saw the lead that we had in the first half. So, like I said, it just makes life easier for all of us when we’re playing team basketball.”

On the team’s reaction to D’Angelo Russell’s injury:
“Of course you hate to hear news like that. It’s exactly the same thing with Jeremy (Lin), you hate to hear that about your teammates. At this time, there’s nothing we can do. Guys just have to step up now. Roles kind of change, guys just have to do a little bit more. I think guys are approaching it the right way right now, but I feel like if we just continue to stick together, keep playing basketball, keep fixing the things we have to fix, we’ll be alright.”

On Spencer Dinwiddie’s performance and his taking on an expanded role:
“He’s showing us consistency and he’s showing us that he’s capable of knocking down big shots. Not only that, but he’s doing other things too. I mean, he had like, what, eight rebounds tonight? And dishing the ball out, so he’s playing great for us and, like I said, just another person like him – telling him, this is your opportunity, so go out there and take advantage.”

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