Nets-Suns Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Kenny Atkinson, Brooklyn Nets

On tonight’s game:
“It wasn’t the prettiest game ever played in the NBA. It was a lot of tugging and clawing. A lot of fouls but we found a way. Our defense was good. We had contributions from a lot of guys. You know, Rondae went down and we had to play small a lot. Tyler Zeller came in and gave us a boost. I thought SK gave us some good minutes. So it was a good team win on the road and we need it.”

On fouls:
“In our previous road losses, we let missed shots or turnovers turn into easy transition buckets or break downs I felt like we kept solid, we kept solid with our game plan. Even though the shots weren’t falling, the free throws weren’t falling; I thought it was a good sign of growth for our team. I think we were out of position a lot. I thought the referees did a heck of a job. We were getting our hands stuck in there; we were not in the right position and fouling at the wrong moment. I think we’ve got a lot to clean up there.”

D’Angelo Russell, Brooklyn Nets

On tonight’s game:
“Just didn’t want to lose and took whatever we can to win. Everybody came through as a collective unit and did what they were supposed to do. First road win, something to build on going into this next one. Teams we’ve got coming up, they’re rolling right now.”

On difference:
“Just staying focused, running the system like I said earlier. Stay within the system with our basketball on the offensive end and on the defensive end talking and playing Devin. My teammates they made shots, they got rebounds, they set great screens. Anybody could have put the ball in the hole for us. I just happened to be open and when the shots came upon me I give my teammates credit.”

Allen Crabbe

On tonight’s game:
“I was just staying positive. If I dwelled on the limited minutes because of the foul calls, you know I wasn’t going to come out aggressive the way I did and my mind wasn’t going to be there. So I was just staying positive, cheering my teammates on and we did a good job tonight, especially defensively. It was a good team win for us.”

On difference:
“The defense: that was the first time we’ve held a team under 100 this year. I think we all just came in focused. We had two days off and we were on a losing streak so guys were excited to get back and it and turn things around on this road trip and just compete. That’s what we’ve been preaching the last couple of days, had a good practice and I think the guys have their minds in the right place.”

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