Nets-Cavaliers Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Kenny Atkinson, Brooklyn Nets

On Spencer Dinwiddie:
“Spencer organized us. He hit some big shots, he was aggressive. We keep pushing him to be more aggressive, be more aggressive and tonight he really stepped up, hit some big shots and played excellent defense. It’s really a credit, these types of wins you feel really good about your program because it’s a group effort. There are guys on the bench, Sean Kilpatrick comes in and contributes, and as a coach these are the wins you really cherish.”

On the defensive turnaround by his team:
“I think we tried to clean up a lot on a back-to-back. You debate with yourself, do I show film from last night, show them all the negative stuff they did? But I thought this was a time we need to address this. A few of those points got by, just being more disciplined on the defensive end. This is the toughest challenge of all because obviously LeBron orchestrating, they have shooters everywhere. When you’re switching they slip screens and get you on back doors, so for the most part we really paid attention to where our coverages were. We really locked in, we had really great defensive discipline.”

On getting a win against a team with that much talent:
“It’s the NBA and there’s another game in two days, but yeah I think it shows that we’re making progress. I’m sure they’re (Cavaliers) rounding into form, maybe not in peak form right now, I do understand that. We’re not going to celebrate all night long because of this but I do think we should feel good about ourselves and again I think it’s more about bouncing back from last night is a real key. Then on top of it it’s a great team, it’s a good win for our organization.”

DeMarre Carroll

On his mindset in the fourth quarter:
“I was just trying to do whatever my team needed me to do. I saw everybody being kind of passive and I knew I have been on this stage before, playing the best team in the league. I just wanted to exert myself and give all my effort. Trying to help my team stay in the game.”

On the importance of tonight’s game:
“It is big, really big. I think we learned today. I think we matured in a great way, because last night we had a win. We were up 10, but then we let them come back and beat us. We learned tonight and we held onto the lead and we kept fighting and we picked up a win.”

On Spencer Dinwiddie stepping up in tonight’s game:
“He did a great job, next man up. I remember when I had my opportunity back in Utah. You never know what might happen. You just have to be ready. He always was a true professional, came in every day and got his work done, took care of his body, and it is paying off.”

Allen Crabbe

On how good it was to get the win tonight:
“It’s a big win. It’s a big team win. D’Angelo (Russell) didn’t play today, so it just gave opportunity for other guys to step up and make big plays and I felt like we stuck to the game plan. It was a big game for us. You can get up for these types of teams. It was good. Like I told you last night, you lose one, you play poorly one night, you’ve got another one next night. We came out focused with intensity. We made the stops that we needed to make down the stretch and got a good win.”

On whether it says something about the team bouncing back after last night and beating the Cavs:
“We’re not the same team that we were last year. We have a new mindset this year and guys want to win, everybody from one to 15 on the roster. Everybody’s ready, everybody works hard, so when opportunity comes up, guys are ready to step up and play.”

On what the game plan was for tonight:
“Limit them. You’re playing LeBron James and the Cavs, so just limit them to what they do well. We know they had a back-to-back last night like us, and like I said, for us, you get kind of excited. You’re at home, playing the Cavs, you know it’s going to be a big crowd out there, so it was exciting. We went out there and played hard and got a good win.”

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