Nets-Heat Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Kenny Atkinson, Brooklyn Nets

On outrebounding one of the best rebounding teams in the league:
“I think we started out the game with a defensive mindset and that first group against the Knicks, they scored 32 points in the first quarter and it’s like, we can’t have quarters like that. I think the goal was to be just more consistent defensively; do it every quarter. We have some big guys now, you know Jarrett’s (Allen) in there and (Tyler) Zeller and (Timofey) Mozgov and we have some size and we have some depth and we emphasized last year big time guard rebounding and I think our guards came down and helped out and crashed, so yeah, that’s important against this team, keeping them off the boards.”

On how he feels about the Nets’ depth at guard this season:
“Very positive. You feel the difference already. We haven’t started the regular season so we have to be cautious. I do feel we have a stronger 1 through 15 and like you said without Caris (LeVert) and Allen Crabbe who are good players. I like the way we’re playing, obviously offensively, great work, 26 turnovers is just you know, although they were calling a lot of traveling calls on both of us, so which that is a point of emphasis, so as coaches we’ve got to help them out cause the fans and you guys don’t want to see travels and we don’t either. It’s good for the league.”

On the team’s balance offensively:
“I think that speaks to when you have depth and balance. I thinks that’s how were going to have to do it. It’s going to be balanced effort. I think one night it’s going to be DeMarre (Carroll), one night it’s going to be who knows, Jarret Allen. I think we’ve got to do it as a group and it's going to be different guys every night and where we need to hold them accountable is defensively, that you’re doing it on that end. The offense, the way it flows, it flows to different people. We’re not a call this guy’s number every time cause he’s having a hot night or he’s a good player, it just works out and hopefully we have good balance.”

Jeremy Lin, Brooklyn Nets

On if the Nets can win with seven solid players rather than three superstars:
“Honestly, in basketball it depends. Are we talking about a championship? Because for a championship, I think that we see a lot of super teams right now. But I definitely think that for us, we’re not focused on some large overarching goal right not, per say. We believe we can accomplish certain things, which we’ve already talked about, but I feel like for us it’s just, take these baby steps. We saw what Atlanta did three, four years ago. We’ve seen teams like Portland come up out of nowhere and have great years. Obviously they’re a little bit different – they do have two big name guys who are doing great things – but yes, I think it’s possible for sure.”

On the depth of the Nets team:
“I think it’s just lots of options, lots of variety and I think for us. As long as we lock in on defense and play unselfishly on offense, I think we’ll be fine because I felt like last year, Brook (Lopez) would have to have an amazing game or if I were healthy, I would have to have an amazing game. Here there is more. As you can see, things are spread a little bit more. Any number of guys can get hot on any given night and I think that we’ll hopefully get more wins by committee.”

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Brooklyn Nets

On if he feels that the Nets have worn down their opponents with their depth this preseason:
“Yes, I think so. Just being able to have the first unit come out, compete, make them work and then have our second unit and so forth come out and give their all, it’s a great feeling to have.”

On the Nets rebounding:
“I would say just kind of being physical when you’re tired plays a big part in that. Boxing out guys like (Hassan) Whiteside, it’s tough. He’s a big body, he can jump, he’s athletic, and then they have their guards that come in and rebound also. So just playing together and making it an emphasis on having guards come back and helping us rebound is big.”

On what the fans should expect this season:
“It’s kind of like, you know, it’s been rough the past few years but I guess it’s on us to kind of win their loyalty back and keep putting in the work day in and day out so that they feel comfortable cheering for Brooklyn again. That’s what we’re here for.”

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