Sean Marks Comments on Trade Deadline

Marks on Nicholson: 

“We’re very familiar with Andrew, [Assistant Coach] Jacque [Vaughn] coached him in Orlando, so we had some insight there, but he’s a system fit for us. You see what he can do and we’re excited to add him to our group. He’s a stellar young man and another guy with high character and that’s exactly we’re trying to do.”

Marks on Having Jeremy Lin and Brook Lopez back together for the second half:

"To have a healthy Jeremy and a healthy Brook out there together with this team, it’ll be nice to evaluate that. It’s something we started the season off with and unfortunately only got a handful of games under our belt seeing it. This will be nice and i think we all know what those two bring to the table, they lift everybody else’s play. Not only for myself, my staff and Kenny and his staff, but also for the players I think they’re also excited about the possibilities with Brook and Jeremy."

Marks on his strategy on finding talent:

"You’ve got to be careful saying we’re going to hit this one out of the park. If those are the only deals you’re going for. That can get you in trouble. Where we’re at, we’re going to be systematic with our approach, whether it’s free agency, the draft, acquisitions from Europe or wherever it may be and build the team that way, it’s about hitting singles and doubles.  We’re going to be looking for where we can find undervalued players. That can be anywhere, that can be from the D-League, the NBA, leagues in Europe, Australia, you name it. We’re going to be looking everywhere. Where are the guys that are undervalued and we’ll see, we’ll see what happens. That’s just one way. There are guys we know have value and are surefire bets to."

Marks on having two first round picks:

"Now having two first round picks, it all helps. It helps give us another vehicle where were can be systematic with the draft and see what happens.  We obviously value the draft or we wouldn’t have done it. It’s about being strategic and having two picks now gives us an opportunity to move up with those picks, you can hold them where you are if your players are there at the time. You’re using players and picks, there’s a lot of different things you can do there. We like the draft, so we’ll just see where we go."


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