Interview: Lin Talks Live to Fans on Weibo

Q: How do you usually celebrate the Chinese New Year in the United States?

A: Usually my family and friends would fly to my city. For example this year should be Brooklyn. We celebrate it together just eating some nice food and catching up with each other. But this year we were playing an away game in Minnesota and had to fly to Miami after the game, so I didn’t do anything special to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Q: What’s your favorite Chinese dish and can you make Chinese food?

A: I really like the green onion pie made by my mom and carrot cake. I can make carrot cake but I don’t know how to make the green onion pie.

Q: What’s your favorite hairstyle?

A: My favorite is my Mohawk and my braids. My goal is to have long hair, but I cannot have a Mohawk after June because it’s too long.

Q: How long does it take for you to do your hair?

A: If it’s just tying it up, maybe just 10 seconds. I don’t need to use any sort of gel so it’s pretty quick. When it comes to braids, it might take longer. For some simple braids, it may take 15 minutes. For some complicated ones, maybe 45 minutes.

Q: So you would like to change to a different hairstyle every day?

A: Yeah. Sometimes my family or friends send me photos of some nice hairstyles. They told me I should try them. Sometimes when I see a good design, I will consider doing it too.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: I like playing video games, like Dota2. I also enjoy having nice food with family and friends.  There are so many good restaurants in New York. So each week we will go to different restaurants to try new things. I also like playing cards, like poker. I enjoy watching movies and cooking as well.

Q: Have you ever watched any Chinese movie or listened to Chinese music?

A: Yes. Yesterday we played Chinese music for like several hours.  I like Jay Chou, JJ Lin, Vanness wu, etc.

Q: You ever thought about releasing a Chinese song or something like that?

A: Not right now. I think I still need to improve my Chinese first. They sing so fast sometimes.

Q: When do you think you can return to the basketball court?

A: I’m progressing every day.  I can jump and run now. I can also shoot. It’s really difficult to predict which day I will come back because it’s been very day-to –day. Just the fact that I can run, I can jump, I can shoot, I’m pretty happy with it.  

Q: Do you think you fit in the Nets’ system? How’s everything going between you and the coach and your teammates?

A: Everything is going great right now. I’m very familiar with Kenny (Atkinson) and we definitely get along well. We always hang out together. We text all the time. Sometimes pregame or postgame I will stop by his office and talk with him. I also get along with my teammates. I hope I can compete with them when I return to the court 100%.

Q: How is your shooting different compared to last season? What have you done in the offseason regarding changing your shooting?

A: My shooting is more smooth and quick this season. We also worked on my defense and jump shot over the offseason. We worked on a lot of stuff last season. But mostly it was my shooting.

Q: What has motivated you the most mentally to take you to where you are right now? What would you like to share with the young guys out there to achieve their dreams?

A: When I first entered the league, I had experiences being sent to the D-league, being cut, being waived and being traded. I prayed a lot and I read the Bible. My family and friends have been praying for me and they always comforted me. I think it’s really important for the young guys to find what their passion is. My passion is basketball. When you find your passion, just hold on to it. Even if others look down upon you or they told you you shouldn’t be doing this, don’t give up on your dreams. But as long as you have your passion, it’s the most important thing.

Q: What is your career goal as a basketball player?

A: I think every player wants to win a championship. Personally I hope I can become an All-Star in the future. 

Q: What’s your plan after retirement?

A: I have a foundation. I hope I can spend more time with some underprivileged kids together after I retire. No matter if it’s by teaching them to play basketball or just teaching them some stuff in general. I just hope I can spend some time to help underprivileged kids.

Q: Anything you want to say to your Chinese fans?

A: I just want to say thank you. I’m sorry that I’ve been injured this season and to be honest I’m sad about it too. I know that you want to see me come back and play basketball. I’ve been working really hard to come back and focusing on coming back. I don’t think I will come back very soon because I want to make sure that I’m 100% ready when I come back. Thank you for comforting me by leaving all these kind comments on the Internet. I hope I can return ASAP. And Happy Chinese New Year!

Q: Did you get any red envelopes this year?

A: Just one. I got it from one of my friends, who is a rapper. It’s just money in the red envelope.

Q: It’s the 3rd CNY commercial you participated in. Any interesting story you want to share with us?

A: So the commercial was shot during the season. I never got to film it with other players. There was only a green screen when we were shooting it. So I was always excited to see the real commercial when they added tables, food after postproduction.

Q: What is your clothing style?

A: I actually don’t know. I just pick something randomly every day. I do like different kinds of blazers. So I usually just match my blazers with my trousers. 


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