Purchasing the Nets Gameday Pass

Q: How many passes can I buy?

A: You can buy up to four passes per account (note: all passes must be purchased in one transaction in order to sit together each game).

Q: If I buy a pair of passes, how can my guest get his/her pass?

A: All passes will be delivered to the phone that registers the pass. If you purchase two passes, for example, admission and seat assignments for both passes will be delivered to your phone. You and your guest will need to arrive at Barclays Center together.

Q: Do I get a discount if I buy more than one set of passes?

A: No. There are no discounts offered for the purchase of multiple passes.

Q: Can I bring different people with me to each game?

A: Yes, different people can attend each game, but the primary account holder must be present because the pass is only accessible through the mobile device of the primary account holder.

Q: Can I get a refund for unused tickets?

A: Nets Gameday Pass tickets are non-refundable.

Digital Pass Technology

Q: When I click on the link to access my pass via the Brooklyn Nets App, nothing is happening. What do I do?

A: You may be experiencing trouble with your mobile signal. Try accessing the free Barclays Center Wi-Fi. Make sure Wi-Fi is enabled on your phone, and then try accessing your pass again. If the problem persists, close and reopen the app as a troubleshooting technique.

Q: I am being prompted to log-in using a 4-digit PIN number - what is this?

A: Last season, you may have received promotional credits to be used for seat upgrades. If so, you were asked to create a PIN and can use that same PIN to log in to your account. If you cannot remember your PIN, click on the "Reset PIN" link and follow the instructions to reset your PIN.

Q: Which phones support the Nets Gameday Pass?

A: The pass is supported by iPhones and Android phones. The Brooklyn Nets Mobile app must also be downloaded for use of the pass.

Q: Can I use an iPod touch?

A: No, we only support iPhones and Android phones, not iPods.

Q: Why do I need to use an iPhone or Android phone?

A: Nets Gameday Pass is a mobile-only program integrated with the Brooklyn Nets Mobile app. There are no printed tickets. Admission to Barclays Center and seat assignments will be managed through the app.

Q: Can I purchase the pass if I don’t have an iPhone or Android phone?

A: Not at this time. You will be unable to enter Barclays Center.

Entering Barclays Center

Q: How do I get into Barclays Center with my pass?

A: Access your pass via the Brooklyn Nets App the day of each game. This will provide you with a digital barcode that you can use to scan for admission into Barclays Center.

Q: How does my guest scan in with my Nets Gameday Pass?

A: All barcodes will be on one device inside the Brooklyn Nets App. if you have a group of two, for example, both barcodes can be scanned from one device. You and your guest will need to arrive at Barclays Center together.

Pass Seat Locations

Q: Where can I expect to sit each game with my Nets Gameday Pass?

A: Seat locations will vary by game. For most games, seat locations will be in the upper level. It is possible seating areas may be Standing Room Only (SRO) for select games.

Q: How do I get my seat location(s)?

A: Your seat location will be made available through the Nets Mobile App at least 15 minutes prior to tip for all games.

Q: What if I lose the text message with my pass?

A: If you can’t access your pass, simply access the Brooklyn Nets Mobile app and tap on the Nets Gameday Pass tab. You can also email questions to listen@expapp.com at any time to receive an immediate support response.


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