Nets vs. Grizzlies: Spencer Dinwiddie, Joe Harris, and Kenny Atkinson Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 118-79 loss to Memphis

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 118-79 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies.


On message to team after loss:

“These are the type of games where, you know – 40-point losses, believe it or not, happen in this league. But I think collectively we didn’t like our compete level and our spirit wasn’t where it needed to be. And we talked about it in the locker room. Coaches and players having a good old fashioned great communication. Like I always say, these are the moments where you really have to embrace the adversity. We’re obviously disappointed and frustrated that we couldn’t build off of a great win. We’re definitely frustrated with that.”

On most disappointing aspect of loss:

“That our energy wasn’t there. I don’t know if it was mental spirit, whatever that, you know, we’re playing for something. Like I said, we came off of a really good win last night. We didn’t build on that. I didn’t feel that we had our, I keep saying the word, but our spirit in the right place and that’s disappointing. The crowd let us know about it and I think they are 100 percent right. I think that you feel it when it’s not there. So we have a great group of guys, I think fatigue plays something in a back-to-back. Guys were a little frustrated we got down, we were missing shots, but we didn’t have that fighting spirit that we normally do.”

On how Memphis got so many threes:

“Here I am talking about the Nets, they played—Taylor (Jenkins) is doing a fantastic job. They have an exciting young team that, I think they’re playing great. They blew out Atlanta, they blew out the Lakers and blew us out, so you better be careful. The first thing is they’re playing great and heck of a job by them. I thought that they hit a ton of shots. We obviously were packing the lane and kind of shifting off certain guys, and then they made shots. But again, I thought offensively, in the first half I thought that were really struggling. We didn’t establish any pace of the game. Then I thought in the first half where they kind of pounded us was on the boards, so we’d get a stop, get another stop, get another stop, they were pounding us on the boards. So that affects your disposition sometimes. You shouldn’t let it, but it did tonight.”


On postgame conversation:

“Kenny (Atkinson) just talked to us for a little while as a team, spoke up, talked sort of about how our performance tonight kind of boiled down to simply not having the compete level, high spirit level, and I think at the end of the day, we’re not necessarily focused on the things that are out of our control. You can always control your demeanor, your attitude, those sort of things, and then how hard you play. And that’s probably the lowest we’ve had for each one of those intangibles this season.”

On if loss was surprising after Boston win:

“Yeah, I think so. For sure. Obviously, it was a big win for us last night and you hope the momentum carries over. Obviously back-to-backs are tough, especially when you’re playing a team that’s hot. It’s a little bit deflating when they are hitting tough shots. Obviously, Memphis played really well, so credit to them – how well they played offensively – but like I mentioned, at the end of the day, you can’t stray from those things that are in your control, and we definitely got away from that tonight.”

On if fatigue was a factor:

“Yeah, I think anytime you play a back-to-back, but everyone goes through it in this league. There’s teams that have a lot of success in the back-to-back, and I think those teams just have a strong mental fortitude. There’s sort of this saying, ‘fatigue makes cowards of us all,’ and everybody’s tired in the NBA at this point. So, regardless of being on the back-to-back, this late in the season you’ve got to be able to grind through it.”


On his offensive game lately:

“That’s the thing. I’ve seen people kind of talk about my offensive output in Boston, I mean I had 14 and four in like 20 minutes. Not bad guys, that’s not bad. Granted – don’t get me wrong – Boston should be all about Caris (LeVert), he had 51 and the crazy comeback win. But the stigma of like ‘Spencer (Dinwiddie) played bad in Boston’ is not quite accurate. Tonight is a totally different story. But you know, played all 61 games we had. I’m sorry. Deeply Nets fans, I’m sorry.”

On what Memphis did:

“Boy, definitely rebounded at a very high level and made three’s. Guys that we weren’t necessarily expecting like Josh Jackson made a lot of three’s that helps kind of blow the game open. All the way around they made plays and we didn’t.”

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