Brooklyn Nets Threes for Trees

Sponsored By National Grid

The Brooklyn Nets and National Grid are working together to make our community greener through the Threes for Trees program. For every 3 pointer made by a Nets player during a regular season home game, National Grid and Brooklyn Nets volunteers will plant a tree in the tri-state area. Together we can help enrich our environment and provide green spaces for generations to come.

One acre of tree cover in Brooklyn can absorb as much carbon in a year as 1 car produces driving 8,700 miles

Trees play a major role in producing the oxygen we all breathe

National Grid Tree Tracker

2020-21 Home 3-Point Leaders

2019-20 Tree Giveaway Event

As an extension of the Brooklyn Nets Threes for Trees platform presented by National Grid, the Brooklyn Nets, National Grid and NYRP gave away complimentary trees to folks in the Brooklyn community.


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