Brooklyn Nets are providing two online based STEM courses to middle schools and high schools located throughout Brooklyn. The courses, Endeavor and STEM of Basketball, are designed by EVERFI to inspire STEM career exploration through topics such as: Big Data and the Internet of Things; Future of Manufacturing and Design; The Algorithms Behind Recommendations; and of course, The STEM of Basketball.


Each month, one student from a class participating in NETSTEM presented by National Grid is selected and honored as the Scholar of the Month. The scholar receives mention on the website, Brooklyn Nets social media, and is included in the community newsletter.


MARCH 2022

Student Name: Darian

School: Beginning with Children Charter School 2

I am very thankful for being selected to be the NBA Nets Scholar of the Month. NETSTEM has helped me understand how I can connect my love of math and basketball and opened my eyes to the different STEM career paths available in the NBA. As the student of the month, I had the opportunity to watch a game, meet some of my favorite players and see my favorite team shine! My teachers and peers at Beginning with Children Charter School 2 are so proud of me and we are very grateful to the Brooklyn Nets social media team for shining the light on my accomplishments and the great things that are happening at my school here in Brooklyn!


Student Name: Lisa

School: IS 228

It was an honor to be acknowledged as Scholar of the Month today. NETSTEM had provided me with a fantastic opportunity to gain new experiences. Through the program, I was able to learn about the different STEM careers that exist and hopefully one day I can be a part of the STEM world. I am extremely grateful to the Brooklyn Nets social media and my school, I.S. 228 for providing me with this opportunity!


Student Name: Adeliss

School: P.S. 24

The NETSTEM program is very educational, fun and teaches you technology in a very fun but motivating way. I've enjoyed learning new information and seeing things through eyes of technology.


Student Name: Jordyn

School: I.S. 340 North Star Academy


Student Name: Levi

School: IS 98

I am so grateful for getting picked as scholar of the month. The netstem program taught me so much about the importance of even the smallest careers and how they affect people’s lives. I am really looking forward to my first basketball game and I can’t wait for this amazing opportunity. Thank you NetStem!


Student Name: Kai

School: Marine Park JHS

It’s an honor to be the Brooklyn Nets scholar of the month. I got to enjoy watching the players play up close. Thank you to the Brooklyn Nets and Marine Park JHS for giving me the wonderful experience!


JUNE 2021

Student Name: Julian

School: I.S. 281 Joseph B. Cavallaro

STEM is important because it is used in everyday life. It is imperative that people study this topic because we are nearing the future of the next generation. The creation of stem careers and opportunities are enhancing many opportunities for many people around the world

MAY 2021

Student Name: Stephan

School: East New York Middle School of Excellence

When I used Brooklyn Nets NETSTEM program it was AMAZING! The program taught me so much. I learned how people work in situations for different jobs that can help sports and my community. Not only that but when using the program they even showed me jobs that could improve my skill set and quick thinking. I really enjoyed this experience!!

APRIL 2021

Student Name: Michael

School: P.S. 116 Elizabeth L Farrell

Teaching about jobs now show us about all the possibilities I have for my future. I am excited to be the NETSTEM student of the month! And during this, I've learned about all the types of jobs that are available. Can't wait for it!.

MARCH 2021

Student Name: Mihesh

School: Liberty Avenue Middle School

I am excited to be the NETSTEM Scholar of the Month because the program gives you a possible Science career that is focused on my interests which I like because it could help students find a career for their future. I think it is helpful for me also when I need to prepare for college.


Student Name: Daniel

School: W.A. Cunningham I.S. 234

I am so excited to be NETSTEM student of the month! The NETSTEM program helped solidify what I would like to do in the future and was a great program to use.


Student Name: Christina

School: Boys & Girls HS

The STEM careers inspired me and educated me on different types of careers based on my interests. This encouraged me to decide what I want to do as a career in the future.


Student Name: Dylan

School: J.H.S. 259 William McKinley

I enjoyed the STEM career exploration lessons because I got to see what all these STEM jobs are about. I believe the lessons give kids who like STEM more opportunity to explore different career choices.


Student Name: Tiffany

School: I.S. 98 - The Bay Academy of the Arts & Sciences

I am honored and grateful to be chosen as the NETSTEM scholar of the month. This course was very fun and informative. I got to learn so many new skills. For example, the design process, how playlists are created, and so much more. In general, this NETSTEM course was interesting and entertaining.


Student Name: Hannah

School: Marine Park JHS 278

NETSTEM Day was a very educational experience, I got to learn about all the locker rooms and how they were all different. I also learned about the other competitions held in the Nets area, also learned the best way to stretch before a game. Overall, NETSTEM Day was an amazing experience.



Student Name: Christopher

School: Marine Park Intermediate School 278

I'm honored to be the Nets Scholar of the month. It was fun to watch warm ups from courtside, meet players and cheer for the Nets. It was an experience I will never forget. Thanks to everyone at Marine Park JHS and the Nets for making this happen!


Student Name: Nadia

School: J.H.S. 234 Arthur W. Cunningham

I am so thankful for being nominated as scholar of the month. The game was very good. I really enjoyed it. It was a wonderful experience. Most especially I was so happy to meet the players


Student Name: Towonne

School: JHS 14 Shell Bank

I was so excited to go to the game. Everfi has been a great choice program that is both fun and educational. I like getting the trophies..


Student Name: Anthony

School: P.S./I.S. 045 - Horace E. Greene School

I am very grateful to be the scholar of the month. The game was awesome! It was the best experience ever. My favorite part was to see the players dunking. I had a lot of fun!


Student Name: Danny

School: PS 206 Joseph F Lamb

My favorite part was when I got to take a picture with Jarrett Allen, he was very good on the court, scored 9 points and an amazing assist.