Governor Mikhail Prokhorov
Alternate Governor Joseph Tsai
Chairman of the Board of Directors Dmitry Razumov
President, ONEXIM Sports and Entertainment Holding USA, Inc. Maureen Hanlon
Chief Executive Officer Brett Yormark
Chief Experience Officer Leo Ehrline
Executive Vice President, Business Affairs and Chief Legal & Compliance Officer Jeff Gewirtz
Chief Financial Officer Eu-Gene Sung
Chief Information Officer Travis Sampson
Senior Vice President, Communications Mandy Gutmann
Senior Vice President, Global Partnerships Joshua Pruss
Senior Vice President, Global Partnership Sales Bryan Calka
Senior Vice President, Human Resources Savan Hacknorath
Senior Vice President, Ticket Sales and Service John Baier
Senior Vice President, Ticket Operations Paul Kavanaugh
Senior Vice President, Tickets – Strategy and Operations Dan Lefton
Vice President, Creative & Content Management Jeff Gamble
Vice President, Controller Josue Napa
Vice President & Deputy General Counsel Kari Cohen
Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion Dr. Maurice A. Stinnett
Vice President, Event Finance & Development Robert Saliers
Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis Peter Kirschenbaum
Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis Michael White
Vice President, Game Presentation Paul Kamras
Vice President, Global Partnership Sales Dan Gaiman
Vice President, Global Partnership Sales Chris Insolera
Vice President, Group Sales Kirk King
Vice President, Marketing Technology Randy Lewis
Vice President, Membership Services Christine Bowns
Vice President, Partnership Marketing Howard Seif
Vice President, Premium Partnerships Ross Grill
Vice President, Programming Nick Vaerewyck
Vice President, Team Marketing Mark FIne
Senior Director, Information Technology Victor Pereira
Medical Director & Head Team Physician Riley J. Williams III, MD
Team Physician/Internal Medicine Michael Farber, MD
Team Physician/Orthopedics Martin O'Malley, MD
Office Address: 168 39th St., 7th Floor
Brooklyn, New York 11232
Telephone: 718-933-3000
Fax: 718-942-9595
Web Address: www.brooklynnets.com

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