Nets Talk NCAA Tournament

LOS ANGELES—The NCAA Tournament is upon us, and with a roster of former Division-1 basketball players, we got a few takes on this year's field:

Kris Humphries, Minnesota (2003-04)
This Year:
No. 11, South Regional (vs. No. 6 UCLA)

"Minnesota’s shown that they can beat the best teams this year. I think they’ve had a pretty good year, but the Big Ten has been really competitive. It’s been one of the better conferences. I think if they can control the tempo and play that Big-Ten, U-of-M halfcourt, try-to-beat-you-up basketball and don’t let UCLA get up and down too much, I think we have a chance, but I really don’t know."

Did you and Deron talk any trash with both your schools making it?

"We didn’t even talk about it. The Big Ten Tournament game came down to the last shot! I didn’t see it because we had practice. But Illinois has bounced back. They were really good when he was there, but then they fell off for a while. It’s good to see the conference strong."

MarShon Brooks, Providence (2008-12)
This Year:

"Honestly, I looked at the bracket, and I think it’s going to be tough. Especially for the (Midwest Regional) with coaches Tom Izzo, Bill Self, all the Big Ten guys.

"But if I had to pick one, I’d say Indiana’s probably the best team from top to bottom, they’ve got every piece they need to win the championship. Everything’s been up and down – there’s really no clear-cut favorite, but if I had to pick, I’d say Indiana."

Any other surprises?

"I think Michigan State’s going to make a run; they’ve got real good bigs. SEC wasn’t too strong this year, we saw that with Kentucky. But from the Big East, I like Louisville."

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