Nets Shoot Outside: An Review

With the 2012-13 season complete, there's now a year's worth of stats to run through the database. This look at three-point offense and defense is the third in a three-part series taking a look at the Nets' overall play
via shot location data.

Part I: Nets on the Interior | Part II: The Nets at Mid-Range

Overall, the Nets ranked 17th in three-point percentage, connecting on .357 of their attempts. That includes .396 (10th) from the corners and .339 above-the-break (24th). Broken down further, Brooklyn's players did their best shooting from the left corner where the shot .401, 0.8% better than the leage average; their worst, from the left wing (.322, -3.7%). The Nets concentrated their attempts on the wings, taking .587 of their 1760 attempts from those two spots, followed next by the left corner.

Point guard Deron Williams took two months to find his shot – firing away at a .300 clip through December 31, and .422 thereafter – but once he did it helped open up the Nets offense and strike fear into opposing defenders. Martell Webster and the Wizards (above) found out firsthand on March 8, when Williams set an NBA record with nine first-half threes, all but two of them from the point guard's favorite spots to pull up: the right wing (59-155 3Ps, .381 3P%; .347 of total attempts) and straightaway (40-166; .345; .260). Williams, at or above league-average at all three spots above-the-break despite the high volume of attempts, was markedly efficient in the corners: 7.3% better than average on the right side and 8.5% better on the left. When Williams goes off the ball, it's safe to assume actions involving baseline screens will follow.

Several Nets helped space the floor this season, notably C.J. Watson above-the-break and Jerry Stackhouse and Keith Bogans from the corners. Watson was better than league average from both wing spots, and not far off it straightaway. Stackhouse and Bogans combined to post corner-focused league-average numbers while providing steadying presences on the wing. And Watson got in on the corner action: he was the only Net besides Williams to shoot better than average from the right side (16-33 3Ps, .485 3P%).

Defensively, the Nets did a nice job limiting opponents to only 1,415 three-point attempts, third-fewest behind the vaunted defenses of Chicago and Indiana. Where they trailed both those units was in the percentage of makes allowed: opponents connected on .366 of those attempts, leaving the Nets ranked 21st in the league. Covering the right corner proved particularly troublesome, as Brooklyn's opponents shot .453 (6.3 percent better than average), though the Nets were able to limit those to just .134 of opposing attempts. Opponents most favored the right wing (.283 of all attempts), but connected at the league average.

Rookie Tyshawn Taylor didn't attempt many triples in his limited minutes, but connected on a solid amount. Mirza Teletovic, meanwhile, proved adept at all but the right wing – something to build on for next season.

View Part I: Nets on the Interior, and Part II: The Nets at Mid-Range.


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