Nets on the Interior: An Review

With the 2012-13 season complete, there's now a year's worth of stats to run through the database. This look at interior offense and defense is the first in a three-part series taking a look at the Nets' overall play
via shot location data.

Overall, the Nets ranked No. 20 inside the restricted area (.580), but No. 6 in the paint, non-RA (.415). Both marks were close to the league average, at .571 and .413, respectively. Inside the restricted area, Brook Lopez (.646), Deron Williams (.639) and Andray Blatche (.636) each topped the league average by at least 7.1 percent. Stretching the range outward, the Nets struggled near-and-close (.423), but were league average from each block and the free-throw line.

Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez were notably effective in the high post, each shooting .471 from that distance, good for 5.5 percent better than the league average; Andray Blatche connected at a .444 clip as well. In more limited attempts, Lopez was notably effective on either block, connecting on 6-of-10 from the left side and 10-of-16 on the right.

Defensively, the Nets ranked No. 20 (.604) in the restricted area and No. 29 in the paint (.419). The league has greater separation within the restricted area: the Nets' mark is 3.9 percent higher than average; in the paint, Brooklyn is only 1.0 percent off the mean. The Nets allowed the seventh-most field goal attempts in the paint (NRA), but only the 16th-most attempts in the restricted area. Brooklyn showed a particular weakness on the right block, allowing opponents to shoot 35-of-68 (.515), 13 percent better than the league average (.456). They helped to offset it by tightening up on drives that didn't quite make it, holding opponents to a .405 mark – 16 percent below average – on shots in between the semi-circles, which seems to indicate that if the defense got there, it helped.

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