NBA FIT Workouts with a Basketball

Rotation and Flexion Around the Core
- Sit on your bottom, with your feet on the floor
- Lean back at an angle of approximately 30-45 degrees to the floor
- Hold a basketball at arm's length in front of your chest
- Brace your belly button into your spine
- Rotate to one side, pause for a second then rotate to the other side, touching the ball to the floor on each side
- Repeat for your desired repetitions

Power and Speed Chest Pass
- Stand up, holding a basketball at chest height
- Draw in your abs. Lock in your core
- Powerfully push the ball away from your chest towards a wall, 10 feet away
Catch the ball at chest height
Repeat for your desired repetitions

Core Stabilization Defensive Position
- Get in a press-up position, but with your forearms and elbows resting on the floor, instead of your hands. - Draw in your abs. Lock your core
- Position both feet so they are balanced on the basketball
- Keep a straight line from your ankles to shoulders
- Hold for your desired time, up to a maximum of 60 seconds

Hand-Eye Speed Ball See the Floor
- Standing straight up with a basketball in-hand
- Rotate the ball around your waist 15 times clockwise, then 15 times counterclockwise
- Repeat the above around your calves, then around your head

Basketball push-ups Ball Handle
- Start in a push-up position with both hands on top of the basketball
- Tuck your chin into your chest
- Do 5-10 pushups focusing on keeping your chin tucked
- Repeat for your desired repetitions