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How Weight Loss Plans Stack Up
It's hard to lose weight and it's no wonder that millions turn to weight-loss programs for help. But which program is right for you? Canadian and U.S. researchers have undertaken a massive analysis of weight-loss programs. Their findings are likely to surprise you. Those seeking a magic key to weight loss may be disappointed, but the results do suggest some paths to weight-loss success.
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Can Junk Food Rewire The Brain?
Those fries, chips and ice cream are fine for a treat, but when empty calories and high glycemic fare become a steady part of your diet, they cause changes in the brain. These changes can make you lose interest in other, healthier foods. The opposite is also true: A study of people who underwent weight loss surgery and changed their diet found that given healthy food, the brain starts to prefer it.
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The Cardiovascular Drug Lurking in Your Medicine Cabinet
Anticoagulant drugs can cause side effects and dangerous bleeding, so for some people, aspirin is the better treatment.
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Good Neighbors, Good Health
Good relationships with your neighbors and a feeling that you belong to a community are good for heart health.
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Money in the Air
The healthcare savings connected to clean air go a long way toward paying the costs of reducing carbon emissions.
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A Hyper-Connected Brain
The brains of depressed people have different, more intense patterns of connections. What does that mean for treatment?
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Helping Parents Pass the Lunch Test
Tips for sendings kids to school with healthy lunches they'll enjoy.
Pharmacists Cut Healthcare Costs
Your local pharmacist just may be one of the best healthcare cost-containment strategies around.
Stress Can Add Calories
Stress can add an extra 100 calories day — even if you don't eat more. For those who are depressed, it's even worse news.
Kids Need Unstructured Time
Children learn the “executive” skills that will help them run their lives best when they have unstructured time.