Q&A with Ryan Anderson


1. What do you do during the off season to stay in shape and improve your game? In the offseason I like to start by taking a little time off the court to do other kinds of workouts to give myself some space from the long season. My favorite thing to do is boxing. I think it has to be the toughest workout I've ever had outside of basketball and it is a full body workout.

2. How do you motivate yourself to work out and what do you do to keep your workouts from getting boring? To keep myself from getting bored, I like to change up the different workout routines that I do. It's hard for me to do the same workout every day during the summer, so each day I'll do something different. It will be boxing one day, then I'll have a strictly basketball day, then another day, I'll go on a long hike because I love to be outside.

3. What type of exercises do you do to help build your endurance? I learned early on in my NBA career that it is important to build up your stamina by the way that you prepare. For example, I like to start off the summer by running long distances. Then I build up to shorter sprints by the end of the summer when the season is about to start. If you work out too hard and over-exhaust yourself in the summer then it's going to make it really hard to play an 82 plus game season that following year.


1. What do you eat for breakfast to get you going for the day? For breakfast I like to eat 4 egg whites, 2 pieces of turkey bacon , a banana, and a small bowl of oatmeal. That meal gives me energy and protein for the workouts ahead.

2. What is your favorite pre-game meal? How do you recharge after a tough workout? My favorite pre-game meal is a turkey sandwich that I get from a specific Deli right down the street from my house. I don't like to eat a ton before games because it's hard to play with a bunch of food in your stomach. After a tough workout I normally drink a protein shake and I like to have a drink with amino acids in it to help me recover.


1. What types of activities did you use to do with your family to stay healthy when you were a kid? To stay healthy as a kid I use to do a lot of outdoor activities with my family. My family is not the most sports-oriented group, so we share a common bond with hiking, whitewater rafting, bike riding and kayaking.

2. When you were growing up, what were some of your favorite activities that you did with your friends? Growing up in El Dorado Hills, California, there was in a ton to do. We had maybe two restaurants in town and you had to drive about 20 minutes away to get even to a movie theater. To have fun, my friends and I would always be outside playing sports and playing around at a local park. I loved being outside when I was a kid and I still love it today.