Q&A with Otto Porter Jr.

1. Can you talk a little bit about what being a member of the NBA/WNBA FIT Team means to you?
I am honored to be serving as a mentor to fans and young kids in this capacity. Staying healthy and being fit has always been important to me.

2. What is one cool fact fans would be interested to know about you?
I never eat at restaurants. I am a simple guy in all aspects of my life - including meals.

3. Being a rookie, what's the biggest change you've seen in your fitness/nutrition routine these last few months? Has it been a difficult adjustment?
Just the physicality of games and practices. I need to get stronger.

4. Have you worked out with any other (W)NBA players/athletes during the offseason?
Yes. My teammates - John Wall, Bradley Beal, Kevin and Emeka Okafor. I've also spent a lot of time working out with Jeff Green and Greg Monroe (former Georgetown players).

5. Knowing you'll have a busy travel and game schedule, how did you plan to eat healthy? What did your diet look like on a typical game day in college?
Three solid meals per day. I have a nutritionist/chef to help me plan.

6. It is easy to cut down on sleep when you have a busy schedule. How important is it to your body to get a solid amount of sleep every night?
It is very important. I catch up with naps when I can.

7. When you were growing up, how important was it for you to stay active and play sports? Aside from basketball, what other sports did you play?
It was very important growing up because it was my entire life. I was active 24/7. Aside from basketball, I played a lot of soccer.

8. When you’re tired or busy how do you motivate yourself to work out? What do you do to keep your workouts from getting boring?
I never get bored. I live basketball. Each workout is different.

9. Is there a fun or unique fitness routine or nutrition tip you that you can share?
Smoothies and protein shakes help before and after.

10. Rapid fire questions:

a. Push-ups or sit-ups? Push-ups
b. Fruits or vegetables? Both
c. Running or swimming? Running
d. How many times per day do you work out? 3 (lift, basketball and conditioning and shots only)
e. Favorite place to work out? Verizon Center or my backyard