NBA/WNBA FIT Live Healthy Week Tips

1. Breathe. Focus on your breathing today, taking deep breaths throughout the day. Increase blood flow and energy, strengthen your life force, and reduce mental and physical fatigue.

2. Stretch. Do some stretching in the morning for increased flexibility and joint range of motion. Lengthen your muscles to improve your circulation and posture, relieve stress, and enhance coordination.

3. Smile and Laugh. Find reasons to smile and laugh. They both reduce stress and increase the release of beneficial endorphins, which make you feel happy and boost your energy.

4. Use your imagination. Your imagination is incredibly powerful. It can take you wherever you want to be. Escape into your imagination to improve your mood, reduce stress, and attract positive outcomes.

5. Walk instead of ride. Your body is built to move, so find opportunities to move today. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Take a lap around the office. Movement helps all the systems of your body work their best.

6. Be Grateful. Gratitude for blessings, achievements, good fortune, etc. generates a sense of happiness and security. Focus on the abundance in your life, instead of lack(which creates stress). Contribute to others by sharing this positive energy.

7. Cook. Preparing a meal is an opportunity to be creative, express your individuality and share your love. Have fun, pour your heart into cooking a meal, and share the power with your loved ones.

8. Meditate. Restore your mind, body and spirit. Slow down, get away from the noise of life. Decrease anxiety, increase self-awareness. Take 10 minutes, be still, and allow your inner energy to flow.

9. Give. Share your time, your knowledge, your experience, your good fortune. Your sharing has a profound effect on those around you.

10. Listen. One of the greatest gifts you can give is to listen, Just be a witness, and allow someone to share their experience or thoughts. Listen to another and learn something about yourself.