Q&A with Greivis Vasquez

1. Can you talk a little bit about what being a member of the NBA/WNBA FIT Team means to you? I think it is a great cause and I am extremely honored to be a member of the NBA FIT Team. It is very important to me to help teach kids about the need for a healthy diet for them to grow up as healthy young adults.

2. What is one cool fact fans would be interested to know about you? When growing up in Venezuela, I first wanted to be a professional baseball player. While I was a pretty good fielder, I couldnít hit the ball at all.

3. During the (W)NBA season, you are constantly staying active between practices and games. What do you do during the offseason to stay in shape and improve your skills for the next season? During the summer, I usually play with my Venezuelan National Team so that keeps me working on my game. It is always great to represent your country, and I spend almost the whole summer practicing and playing in Venezuela. I also had an opportunity to work out in Los Angeles with some other NBA players who are represented by my agency at Wasserman Media Group, so I had the chance to lift with my former teammate Xavier Henry this past summer in LA.

4. Do you work out with any other (W)NBA players/athletes during the offseason? With the exception of Xavier this past summer, I always get a chance to work out with other point guards who are part of the Under Armour team. Iíve worked out with Kemba Walker, Brandon Jennings, Raymond Felton, and now I am excited to work out with Stephen Curry, another NBA FIT Member, this upcoming off-season.

5. With such a busy travel and game schedule, how do you manage to eat healthy? What does your diet look like on a typical game day? Every game day I eat some type of pasta with grilled shrimp and Alfredo or another white cream sauce. I also like to eat lots of fish and vegetables. It is important to eat healthy throughout the season so I make sure to drink tons of water and not drink any soda.

6. It is easy to cut down on sleep when you have a busy schedule. How important is it to your body to get a solid amount of sleep every night? Sleeping is extremely important because it helps you recover and stay rested. Itís hard with our travel schedule and time changes, but you stay disciplined as a professional to get your rest to keep you performing the right way.

7. When you were growing up, how important was it for you to stay active and play sports? Aside from basketball, what other sports did you play? It was very important growing up because it helped me get to where I am today. I played every sport from baseball to soccer to volleyball, but I ended up picking basketball because I identified myself with the game.

8. When youíre tired or busy how do you motivate yourself to work out? What do you do to keep your workouts from getting boring? I think itís a mental thing. I just have in my mind to get better each and every day, somehow and some way. I keep it in my head that I am playing in a big game and canít be mentally or physically weak. If I prepare in my head each week for the NBA Finals, I can remain consistent by seeing the big picture and ready for whatever opportunity is and will be ahead of me.

9. A healthy breakfast is a very important meal because it fuels your body with energy to help you focus and perform throughout the day. What do you eat for breakfast to get you going for the day? I usually eat egg whites with turkey bacon and orange juice.

10. Is there a fun or unique fitness routine or nutrition tip you that you can share? As I mentioned, my pre-game meal is shrimp pasta with white sauce. I usually eat that at 3:45pm. After games try to eat grilled salmon. I try to stay consistent with my pre and post-game meals.

11. Rapid fire questions:

a. Push-ups or sit-ups? Push-ups
b. Fruits or vegetables? Fruit
c. Running or swimming? Running
d. How many times per day do you work out? At least 3 workouts
e. Favorite place to work out? Raptorsí practice facility