NBA Win Totals: Updated Lines for All 30 Team Post All-Star Break

Find the updated win totals for every team coming out of the NBA All-Star break, including teams looking to make a postseason push in the second half.

If you’re used to betting the NBA every single night, it’s probably been rough for you since Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game.

With a very brief break in the day-to-day NBA action, sportsbooks are giving bettors the opportunity to wager on markets that are typically most popular before the season.

FanDuel has re-released odds for most teams’ win totals with the All-Star game in the rearview. Here’s a look at the listed odds for NBA win totals as we approach the second half of the season.

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NBA Win Total Odds

Odds as of Feb. 22 and via FanDuel.

Team Over Under
Atlanta Hawks o41.5 (-122) u41.5 (+100)
Boston Celtics o58.5 (-105) u58.5 (-122)
Brooklyn Nets o45.5 (-124) u45.5 (+102)
Charlotte Hornets
Chicago Bulls o36.5 (-110) u36.5 (-110)
Cleveland Cavaliers o50.5 (-122) u50.5 (+100)
Dallas Mavericks o45.5 (+100) u45.5 (-122)
Denver Nuggets o56.5 (+100) u56.5 (-122)
Detroit Pistons o20.5 (-120) u20.5 (-102)
Golden State Warriors o42.5 (+100) u42.5 (-122)
Houston Rockets
Indiana Pacers o35.5 (+106) u35.5 (-132)
L.A. Clippers o45.5 (-110) u45.5 (-110)
L.A. Lakers o40.5 (+112) u40.5 (-142)
Memphis Grizzlies o49.5 (-115) u49.5 (-105)
Miami Heat o45.5 (+104) u45.5 (-130)
Milwaukee Bucks
Minnesota T-Wolves o40.5 (-122) u40.5 (+100)
New Orleans Pelicans o42.5 (-105) u42.5 (-115)
New York Knicks o43.5 (-115) u43.5 (-105)
OKC Thunder o38.5 (-110) u38.5 (-110)
Orlando Magic o33.5 (-110) u33.5 (-110)
Philadelphia 76ers o51.5 (-115) u51.5 (-105)
Phoenix Suns o45.5 (-110) u45.5 (-110)
Portland Trail Blazers o39.5 (+106) u39.5 (-130)
Sacramento Kings o44.5 (+104) u44.5 (-128)
San Antonio Spurs
Toronto Raptors o39.5 (-110) u39.5 (-110)
Utah Jazz o39.5 (+104) u39.5 (-128)
Washington Wizards o39.5 (-110) u39.5 (-110)
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The Celtics, unsurprisingly, have the highest win total of the group. They hold a half-game lead over the Bucks — one of the four teams without listed odds — and need 17 wins in their next 23 games to hit the over on their current number.

The Nuggets, who are one game behind the Celtics for overall record, have the next-highest win total on the board. To hit the over on their win total, they need 16 wins over their next 23 games.

The 76ers (51.5), Cavaliers (50.5) and Grizzlies (49.5) are only other teams within range of 50-wins based on their lines at FanDuel. The Sixers have 25 games left in their season and need 14 wins in that span to hit the over. The Cavs have just 21 games left and need 13 wins to cash their over. The Grizzlies need 15 wins in their final 25 games to go over the 50-win mark and their listed win total.

Other notable teams who have a relatively high bar to clear down the stretch based on their place in the standings are the Lakers (40.5), Warriors (42.5), Heat (45.5), Mavericks (45.5) and Suns (45.5).

The Heat and Warriors need to go at least 14 wins in their next 24 games, while the Lakers have just 23 games to get 14 wins and the odds are juiced to the under for all three. The Mavericks and Suns each have 22 games left and need 15 and 14 wins respectively to his the over on their win total.

Health will be the major factor down the stretch for every team — Giannis Antetokounmpo’s injury is likely the reason the Bucks aren’t listed here — and that’s especially for the Warriors, who are still without Stephen Curry for a couple weeks, the Lakers — LeBron James and Anthony Davis have played 26 games together this season — and the Suns, who are awaiting Kevin Durant’s debut after his knee injury.