NBA Power Rankings: Week 13 (2022)

A couple of teams have started to rise in our power rankings. This week, the Warriors are back in the one spot with Klay Thompson back, but after Golden State, a lot has changed since last week.

Check out our Power Rankings for Week 13 below and determine which team has the most value in the futures market, including odds of winning the NBA Championship via FanDuel.

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NBA Power Rankings: Week 13
Team Rank Previous Upcoming Opponents Odds to win NBA Championship
Golden State Warriors 1 1 @Bucks, @Bulls, @T-Wolves, Pistons +460
Phoenix Suns 2 2 @Paacers, @Pistons, @Spurs +800
Chicago Bulls 3 5 Nets, Warriors, @Celtics, @Grizzlies +2100
Utah Jazz 4 2 Cavs, @Nuggets, @Lakers +1200
Memphis Grizzlies 5 8 T-Wolves, Mavs, Bulls +4200
Milwaukee Bucks 6 6 Warriors, Raptors, @Hawks +700
Miami Heat 7 7 @Hawks, Hawks, 76ers, Raptors +1500
Brooklyn Nets 8 4 @Bulls, Thunder, Pelicans, @Cavs +260
Dallas Mavericks 9 15 @Knicks @Grizzlies, Magic, Thunder +4600
Philadelphia 76ers 10 10 Hornets, Celtics, @Heat, @Wizards +2100
Cleveland Cavaliers 11 9 @Jazz, @Spurs, @Thunder, Nets +11000
Denver Nuggets 12 13 Blazers, Lakers, Jazz +2700
Los Angels Lakers 13 16 @Kings @Nuggets, Jazz +1300
Toronto Raptors 14 19 @Pistons, @Bucks, @Heat +13000
Charlotte Hornets 15 12 @76ers, Magic, @Knicks +12000
Minnesota Timberwolves 16 20 @Grizzlies, Warriors, @Knicks +16000
LA Clippers 17 14 @Pelicans, @Spurs, Pacers +2700
Washington Wizards 18 15 Magic, Blazers, 76ers +18000
Boston Celtics 19 11 @Pacers, @76ers, Bulls, Pelicans +6500
New York Knicks 20 18 Mavs, @Hawks, Hornets, T-Wolves +12000
Atlanta Hawks 21 21 Heat, @Heat, Knicks, Bucks +4600
Sacramento Kings 22 22 Lakers, Rockets, Rockets +50000
Indiana Pacers 23 23 Celtics, Suns, @Clippers +49000
San Antonio Spurs 24 24 Rockets, Cavs, Clippers, Suns +50000
New Orleans Pelicans 25 25 Clippers, @Nets, @Celtics +50000
Portland Trail Blazers 26 27 @Nuggets, @Wizards, @Magic +16000
Oklahoma City Thunder 27 26 @Nets, Cavs, @Mavs +50000
Houston Rockets 28 28 @Spurs, @Kings, @Kings +50000
Detroit Pistons 29 29 Raptors, Suns, @Warriors +50000
Orlando Magic 30 30 @Wizards, @Hornets, @Mavs, Blazers +50000

Odds via FanDuel

Where’s The Value?

Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls are currently 27-11 and lead the East by 2.5 games. On Wednesday, they’ll take on the Brooklyn Nets. If the Bulls can beat the Nets, Chicago will be in a great position throughout the week.

Sitting at just +2100, it’s time to start eying the Bulls at this point. This team has plenty of stars and potential. Chicago is built to win right now and proves it each week.

Memphis Grizzlies

Memphis is currently 29-14 and will absolutely make the postseason. Portland is currently the 10th seed at just 16-24. So yeah, Memphis will be in the postseason.

The Grizzlies are currently sitting at +4200 to win the NBA Finals. Of course, it will be difficult for the Grizzlies to go all the way. But let’s not forget Memphis defeated the Warriors last season, 117-112 in the Western Conference, to become the eighth seed in the NBA Playoffs.

This team keeps getting better and better. Don’t tell this young squad that they can’t win.

Teams You Should Stay Away From

Milwaukee Bucks

What’s up with Milwaukee? After two straight losses to the Hornets, the Bucks are now 26-17. Record-wise, it’s not terrible, but Milwaukee is currently sitting at the four spot in the East. For example, they’d have to face the 76ers in the playoffs if the regular season ended today.

They won’t have an easy route to the postseason if they stay around the middle of the East.

Boston Celtics

I know it’s tempting to put your money on the Celtics, but Boston is just 20-21 on the year. If the Celtics made the postseason as a 10-seed, they’ve had to win the play-in game and then take on the one-seed like the Bulls. For Boston, it’s just not their year. At below .500 this deep into the season, there’s no value on Boston right now.

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