NBA First Basket Scorer Odds, Picks & Predictions: Wednesday (11/1)

With 13 games on the slate, there will be 13 different players scoring the first basket.

We just have to find one of them to be profitable.

Here are some first-basket bets I’ll be on tonight in the NBA.

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Wednesday’s Best NBA First Basket Player Prop Bets

(Odds courtesy of FanDuel Sportsbook)

Indiana Pacers @ Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics aren’t just 3-0 in the standings. But they’re also 3-0 at winning the tip.

The Celtics have hit the first field goal in all three of their first matchups, with Kristaps Porzingis taking the first field goal attempt in two of the three games. Jrue Holiday had the other first field goal attempt for the Celtics.

And that checks out.

Last year, Jayson Tatum only added nine first baskets with 11 first-basket attempts. Meanwhile, Jaylen Brown scored 23 first baskets with 13 first shots.

The Celtics dominated the tip last season and are doing the same this year. Meanwhile, the Pacers only won the tip 37% of games last year, with Myles Turner involved in many of those tips.

After Brown’s 36-point game against Washington on Monday, he will want to get going early tonight.

Let’s take a chance with Jaylen Brown at +600. He scored the first basket 23 times last year. His first baskets are coming.

Bet: Jaylen Brown (+600) 

Charlotte Hornets vs. Houston Rockets

The Hornets are only 1-2 on the season. However, they’ve won the tip 100% of the time. P.J. Washington has taken the first shot in two of three games, while LaMelo Ball attempted the other. The Hornets weren’t great at winning the tip last season. However, despite winning the tip in only 43% of games, the Hornets scored the first basket in 49% of games.

The defense came through with some turnovers and stops to give the Hornets five more first-shot attempts when they didn’t win the tip.

This year, the Hornets are using Mark Williams as the tip man. They had Mason Plumlee and P.J. Washington doing the tips last season. So this is a big win for the Hornets with Williams at the tip.

Still, last season, Washington only had one first basket. LaMelo Ball had only five first baskets. It was Terry Rozier who did most of the early work for the Hornets.

Rozier added 14 first shots and ten first baskets for the Hornets last season. He’s also averaged over 18 shots per game and has scored 20 or more points in every game this season. That said, I like Rozier to find the back of the net early for the Hornets.

Bet: Terry Rozier (+700)

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