NBA First Basket Scorer Odds, Picks, & Predictions: Tuesday (10/24)

There is no quicker way to start the first night of the NBA than first-basket betting. The goal is to pick the player to score the first bucket. Since there are two games tonight, bettors have two opportunities to get it right. 

Let us look at the best bets for the games tonight. 

NBA First Basket Scorer Odds & Picks

Denver Nuggets vs. Los Angeles Lakers

There are two parts to betting on who will score first. The first part is deciding who will win the first possession. Tonight, that team is the Lakers. The Lakers get the tipoff about 15% more than the Nuggets. That means they have the highest chance of getting the opportunity at the first shot tonight. 

The second part of first-basket betting is selecting the player who will score first. I like LeBron James tonight. Anthony Davis and LeBron James have the highest usage rates for the Lakers. Jokic will most likely be defending Davis. That means LeBron has the betting value tonight. 

LeBron James First Basket: +550 @ DraftKings

Golden State Warriors vs. Phoenix Suns

Picking who will win the first possession in this game is more difficult with the departure of DeAndre Ayton this off-season. Ayton was consistent in winning the tipoff for Phoenix. Jusuf Nurkic has replaced Ayton, and I think his 7-foot frame will let him win the tipoff tonight against the Warrior’s smaller lineup. 

The Suns have some firepower on their team. The off-season addition of Bradley Beal alongside Kevin Durant and Devin Booker has given them three players who can consistently score the ball. I like picking the player with the most betting value tonight. That player is one of the best in the game, Kevin Durant. 

Kevin Durant First Basket: +600 @ DraftKings

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