2021-22 NBA Win Totals: Nets, Bucks & Lakers Open With High Expectations

Take a look at the opening win total odds for all 30 NBA teams, including where top teams like the Brooklyn Nets, Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers land.

2021-22 NBA Win Totals

Odds via PointsBet

Team Win Total
Brooklyn Nets 55.5
Milwaukee Bucks 54.5
Utah Jazz 52.5
Los Angeles Lakers 52.5
Philadelphia 76ers 51.5
Phoenix Suns 51.5
Dallas Mavericks 48.5
Miami Heat 48.5
Golden State Warriors 48.5
Atlanta Hawks 47.5
Boston Celtics 47.5
Denver Nuggets 47.5
Los Angeles Clippers 44.5
Portland TrailBlazers 44.5
Indiana Pacers 43.5
Memphis Grizzlies 41
New York Knicks 40.5
Chicago Bulls 39.5
New Orleans Pelicans 38.5
Toronto Raptors 37.5
Charlotte Hornets 36.5
Sacramento Kings 34.5
Minnesota Timberwolves 34.5
Washington Wizards 34.5
Cleveland Cavaliers 28.5
San Antonio Spurs 28.5
Houston Rockets 25.5
Detroit Pistons 25.5
Orlando Magic 24
Oklahoma City Thunder 23.5

The Brooklyn Nets, Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers make up the top three spots on the oddsboard for 2021-22 NBA win totals when numbers were released on Wednesday.

PointsBet hit the market on Wednesday afternoon with totals, re-opening numbers following the shuffling of NBA free agency and the draft. None of the three teams at the top should be surprising considering the rosters and public interest.

Win totals are based off this season’s 82-game schedule. Last season’s schedule was only 72 games.

The Nets (55.5 wins) return what they are hoping will be a healthy Big Three in Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden. The defending champion Milwaukee Bucks (54.5) bring back almost all of their championship core. The Lakers (52.5) added Russell Westbrook to join Anthony Davis and LeBron James.

The Lakers are tied with the defending No. 1-seed Utah Jazz at 52.5 wins. Right behind them are the Phoenix Suns (51.5) and Philadelphia 76ers (51.5).

There’s a drop off before getting to a host of contending-hopefuls. At 48.5 wins are the Dallas Mavericks, Golden State Warriors and Miami Heat. The Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics and Denver Nuggets follow at 47.5.

Without an injured Kawhi Leonard, the Clippers lead the next wave at 44.5.

Notables include the New York Knicks, who opened at 40.5 despite winning 41 games a season ago in just 72 games. The Chicago Bulls have had a busy offseason, adding Lonzo Ball and DeMar DeRozan but still sit at just 39.5 wins.

The ever-tanking Oklahoma City Thunder can’t seem to get the first pick, but they’re at the bottom of this list at 23.5.