NBA TV anchor Andre Aldridge, a California boy who enjoys a good laugh just as much as a good backdoor cut, caught up with Toronto's star forward Chris Bosh to talk about growing up in Texas, school grades, movies and more in this week's "Lunch With Andre."

"Lunch With Andre" is a chance for the fans to catch a glimpse of NBA players outside of the 94x50 confines and hear what they have to say about their life away from basketball.

Andre: What was your first job growing up?

Chris: First job was Blockbuster Video and I hated it.

Andre: Why? Because you had to wear a badge?

Chris: Nah, because we had to wear khakis. The same khakis and the same collared shirt. I donít like customer service, thatís not my cup of tea.

Be kind, rewind.

Andre: Youíre like a movie buff then. Before you went to Blockbuster, or after

Chris: I kind of got into it after because you know like, when the DVD comes out, we got a hold of it the week before. So, it was our job kind of to watch the movies so if people ask us about it we can tell them.

Andre: So you have a real appreciation for film -- except for the khaki pants.

Chris: Yeah, except for the khaki pants. Khaki pants and films: Donít mix them.

Andre: Did you ever get straight Aís in school?

Chris: Yeah, like in middle school. When I got to high school, it got a little tougher, so ...

Andre: Junior high, so like seventh or eighth grade?

Chris: Yeah, Iíll say eighth.

Andre: What did that feel like?

Chris: If felt good.

Andre: Now, I know youíre a brainiac. I know you werenít getting bad grades before, so when you got home, was everybody fired up about the straight Aís?

Chris: Yeah, but after awhile it was like, ďOK, good, good, good job Ö All right, do it again.Ē

Andre: Who was your favorite athlete growing up?

Chris: Shoot. Basketball, man. Kevin Garnett.

Andre: Just because of size or because of his game?

Chris: Because of his game, and you know, the way I was I needed inspiration looking at somebody who looked like me or I looked like them. He was thin and tall, young, and could play. And could handle the ball, so Ö

Andre: Being tall and all is great now. But, being tall when you were a little kid, at what point was it not cool to be tall?

Chris: Like, in elementary.

Andre: How come?

Chris: Because, youíre not really tall but youíre taller than everybody else, you know? Being like 5-foot-6, youíre the monster. So, I got up there real fast. I was just as tall as the girls, which was weird back then..

Andre: At some point in your life guys started picking you first when choosing sides for basketball. How old were you when that started happening?

Chris: Shoot, ever since I could remember.

Andre: Really? I thought you told me you werenít that good in the beginning.

Chris: Oh, I wasnít.

Andre: You were tall.

Chris: I was tall and still could out-hoop the people I was around.

Andre: Wow. OK, now when you got to Tech or when you got playing around guys who could really play, were you ever not picked first when you were in the gym?

Chris: Yeah, that happened a couple times but that was only because I didnít know nobody. You know, when you go into unfamiliar territory and you donít know nobody itís a little different.

Andre: It wasnít like Jarrett Jack was there and got picked ...

Chris: Oh no, no.

Andre: Who was your favorite non-basketball athlete growing up?

Chris: Um, probably Michael Johnson.

Andre: Because of Texas?

Chris: Come on man, Dallas man. You got to be more specific. We from Dallas. It was a Dallas thing and he was lighting the world stage on fire.

Andre: For me, you know, my parents are from Texas and my father is no longer with us but I think everybody, even outside of Texas, know what the Cowboys mean to that area. Do we not understand? How big was Michael Johnson then?

Chris: Michael Johnson was huge. But you know, it was a peak in Dallas sports except for basketball. He was so fast man. Nobody was beating him for a while. He was always on TV and stuff like that so, it was really entertaining to watch him. And you know, of course, the Cowboys, but I didnít have a favorite athlete. I just always liked the Cowboys.

Andre: What was your favorite cartoon when you were little?

Chris: Looney Toons Ö Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, all them cats.

Andre: Bugs No. 1? You know, I got back and forth between Bugs and Road Runner because Road Runner was kind of crafty. But, Bugs was really cool..

Chris: Yeah, Bugs was cool. Road Runner, man, me and my brothers got tired of watching it because we wanted the Coyote to win. We wanted the Coyote to get him.

Andre: Hey, but thatís the hook!

Chris: Yeah, I was like, ďMan, that canít happen.Ē We just started getting real logical like, ďThat canít happen.Ē

Andre: Your favorite superhero?

Chris: Probably Superman. He can do everything.

Faster than a speeding bullet...

Andre: You ever play an instrument?

Chris: Nope.

Andre: Can you sing?

Chris: Not a lick.

Andre: Can you dance?

Chris: In emergency situations.

Andre: Wow, so you know your teammates are going to see that. Thatís why youíre being truthful.

Chris: You know, I cut a rug every now and then.

Andre: I was a DJ before I went into this and I was real popular. I mean I was real popular, but the only reason was because I canít dance ... Whatís a song on your current playlist?

Chris: ďShoulder LeanĒ by Young Joe.

Andre: When and where are you happiest?

Chris: When Iím relaxing with my family. Doing nothing. Thatís my favorite thing to do, nothing.

Andre: Itís hard to call you lazy, because we watch you work. But, didnít you tell me youíre lazy around the house?

Chris: Yeah. Iím lazy. Iím quick to say it. Iím lazy around the house. Ainít no shame with that. I like playing video games. I like sitting there and doing nothing.

Andre: So, the remotes and the wireless controllers are all in one area where you can reach them.

Chris: Once I sit down, I might turn the XBox on and not play it till like another hour. I have the universal remote and the wireless controllers all good to go.

Andre: If you were an inventor, what would you invent?

Chris: Iíd invent something to where you didnít have to travel. Like a Star Trek thing. Beam me up. Boom. Youíre there.

Andre: So the Toronto to Miami flight would no longer be an issue?

Chris: Yeah, itíd just be like, ďYíall ready? OK. Boom. Letís go.Ē

Andre: Your favorite movie?

Chris: Favorite movie is The Devilís Advocate.

Is it hot in here ... ?

Andre: Now is that because of Keanu or because of Al or Ö?

Chris: It was because of Al and it was a real deep message. It was a crazy movie. Iíve seen it so many times. It was just a good movie. Great acting too.

Andre: What about in the end where the wall turns into fire, did that freak you out a little bit?

Chris: Yeah, that was a little crazy. It was more crazy to see Al Pacino. I donít know if they kind of made his face like that, but the way he was looking and yelling, that kind of spooked me.

Andre: It messed me up when they went to the ledge and Keanu didnít know he was on the ledge and then they looked down. Iím on the 30th floor here in New York City, but I canít imagine.

Chris: Man, I hate heights. I wouldnít even go outside.

Andre: You havenít been to the tops of any towers or anything?

Chris: The CN Tower. I went to the top. It was OK because I was enclosed. I donít mess with rails and stuff because you could just fall right over.

Andre: Outstanding website for you at where you have details about the book club for kids, what is your favorite biography?

Chris: My favorite is Malcolm X.

Andre: When you were little, what was the first job you dreamed of being?

Chris: Let me think, I think I wanted to be an artist.

Andre: You still into art now?

Chris: No, it left me.

Andre: Thatís OK, I wanted to be a fireman. Now, hereís a hard one. If you had to describe yourself in one word what would it be?

Chris: Enthusiastic.

Andre: I want you to fill in the blank here -- I canít leave home without my ________?

Chris: Wallet.

Andre: What do you want for Christmas?

Chris: Nothing, time home.

Andre: If you were invisible for one day and could spy on anybody, who would that be?

Chris: Iíd probably spy on my brother, while he in college. I never got to hang out with him much because I played basketball and he played basketball. So, Iíd like to go with him on a game day, see what he does, go to his game. You know.

Andre: How old is your brother?

Chris: Heís 20.

Andre: If you could spy on a famous person, who would it be? And it canít be Sam Mitchell. Iím not saying heís not famous, but it canít be Sam Mitchell.

Chris: It would have to be a movie star or something. I donít know. Iíd spy on everybody.

Andre: When you first got into the league, who did you really learn from?

Chris: Michael Curry.

Michael Curry

Andre: Very strong. You do any impressions?

Chris: Nah, I donít do any impressions. I do a good impression of myself.

Andre: Your favorite television show?

Chris: Itís tough. I donít even watch TV that much. Iíll go with The Wire though.

Andre: OK, so you TiVo it and go back and watch The Wire.

Chris: Yeah, I TiVo and go back and watch The Wire, the whole season.

Listen closely...

Andre: Who would play Chris Bosh in a movie?

Chris: Me.

Andre: OK, who would be your leading lady?

Chris: Thatís a set-up question. Is my girl going to read this? Who going to be reading this?

Andre: Here, Iíll help you out. Other than your girl, who would be your leading lady?

Chris: Sanaa Lathan.

Andre: We can talk for an hour there, but weíre not going to.

Chris: Love and Basketball II man.

Andre: I know, I know. I saw her once in person.

Chris: Youíre a lucky man.

Andre: She can have the whole checkbook and everything in my apartment. OK, youíre from Texas, you went to the real brainiac school Georgia Tech when I was in Atlanta, so I know about this. So answer this question: Which group is smarter, Longhorns or Aggies?

Chris: Shoot, Aggies.

Andre: Wow. You know T.J. Ford is your point guard, right?

Chris: Yeah.

Andre: You know, he reads this.

Chris: I know.

Andre: Aggies?

Chris: Yeah, theyíre engineers. Texas grad school is different, but weíre talking about undergrad.

Andre: And you know theyíre bitter that the Aggies beat them.

Chris: Iím sure they are. I would be too.

Andre: Sweet potato or pumpkin pie?

Chris: Sweet potato.

Andre: Whenís the last time you cried?

Chris: Man, I donít know.

Andre: OK, last movie that made you cry?

Chris: Last movie? Iíve never cried off a movie. Iím not that emotional when it comes to movies. Iíll just watch it.

Andre: They say that most men will never admit to crying in movies.

Chris: Really? Iíll tell you the truth about that. I ainít never cried because of a movie.

Andre: Because of your Blockbuster experience, you watched Shawshank Redemption and you didnít tear up?

Chris: Shawshank? No, I was happy to see him get out!

"He crawled through 500 yards of the foulest ..."

Andre: What about when dude hung himself?

Chris: I was like, ďAw, man.Ē He could have least went back or something.

Andre: Who has the best looking uniforms in the NBA?

Chris: Thereís none that just really stand out. You know? Ours is nice. We just need to change the design, but thatís another story. I donít be looking at the uniforms, I just be looking at the goal.

Andre: Whoís the best-dressed Raptor?

Chris: Me. Hands down. If not me, Mo-Pete.

Andre: OK, which Raptor needs a little help?

Chris: P.J. Tucker.

Andre: Is it a color situation or just the whole thing?

Chris: Itís not the color. He be on point, itís just itís too small. He like the Euro look. We donít roll with the Euro look.

Andre: Quick word association Ö Hot.

Chris: Cold.

Andre: Chocolate.

Chris: Woman.

Andre: Ball-hog.

Chris: Me. No, Iím playing.

Andre: Nice to have the green light, ainít it?

Chris: Itís great.

Andre: Were you besides yourself when Britney and Kevin broke up?

Chris: Kevin who?

Andre: Whatís your favorite food?

Chris: You know what? I donít really have a favorite food, honestly.

Andre: Are strangers still trying to fatten you up? Do people come to you unsolicited and send you recipes or food and stuff?

Chris: No, not really. They just tell me, ďYou need to do this, you need to do that.Ē And Iím like, ďHey, you need to leave me alone.Ē

Andre: You have been eating all your life.

Chris: Ask my momma, I puts it away.

Andre: Did you see Borat?

Chris: Yes.

Andre: Did you laugh?

Chris: Hard.

Andre: Out loud?

Chris: Yeah, it was silly man. It was pretty funny.

Andre: I almost cried. Did that almost make you cry at the movies?

Chris: I didnít almost cry, but it was pretty funny.

Andre: I want you to watch Shawshank again and then go see that new Will Smith movie. Youíre going to be crying.

Chris: I might cry at that. I watched the previews. I was feeling bad after the previews like, ďDamn.Ē

Andre: You know itís a real story and Iím going to have to wait till that one comes out on DVD.

Chris: Oh really? You canít be crying in the theatres?

Andre: Oh, come on, man. Iím supposed to be grown.

Previous to joining NBA TV, Andre Aldridge hosted and anchored numerous programs for CNNís Sports Division from 1999-2002, including ďThis Week in the NBA,Ē ďSports Tonight,Ē ďCloser Look,Ē and ďSI Cover to Cover.Ē During his tenure at CNN, he also reported live from NFL Super Bowls, covered major boxing title fights, and reported from several Major League Baseball games.