ATLANTA (AP) -- Shaquille O'Neal is no longer around, but Mike Bibby and Shawn Marion will be able to suit up for the NBA's first replay since 1982.

The league set guidelines for Saturday's do-over between the Atlanta Hawks and Miami Heat, who must complete the final 51.9 seconds of their Dec. 19 overtime game.

The Hawks left the court that night with a 117-111 victory, but commissioner David Stern struck it from the books after the home team's stat crew mistakenly ruled that O'Neal, then playing for Miami, had fouled out with less than a minute to go in overtime.

O'Neal has since been traded to Phoenix, but the NBA said Monday that both teams can fill out any openings on their 12-man active roster with players acquired since the disputed game.

That means the Heat can dress Marion and Marcus Banks, who came from the Suns in the Shaq deal. Likewise, the Hawks will be able to use Bibby, who was picked up from Sacramento just ahead of the trade deadline.

Miami has 10 players who were active Dec. 19 still on its roster, leaving two openings for the makeup minute. The Heat's other options are Jason Williams, Smush Parker and Joel Anthony.

The Hawks, who gave up four players for Bibby, have nine active players still around from the disputed game. Also eligible to be added for the replay are Josh Childress, Jeremy Richardson and Speedy Claxton.

Miami will have the ball when the game resumes, trailing 114-111. After the replay is completed, the teams will get a 15-minute break, then return to the court for their regularly scheduled contest at Philips Arena.

The night is vitally important to the Hawks, who are battling for a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference and can hardly afford to squander an apparent win against hapless Miami, which has the NBA's worst record (11-46).

Stern also fined the Hawks $50,000, ruling they were "grossly negligent'' in failing to address the mistake.

Miami's protest was the first granted by the NBA since December 1982, when then-NBA commissioner Larry O'Brien upheld a request for a replay by the San Antonio Spurs after their 137-132 double-overtime loss to the Los Angeles Lakers the previous month.

The Spurs and Lakers finally finished the game in April 1983, with San Antonio winning 117-114.

Resumption of December 19, 2007 Game
Miami Heat at Atlanta Hawks

Below are the procedures for the resumption of the Miami at Atlanta game on December 19, 2007. Both teams will be subject to the following logistics, rules, and game operations:


  • The December 19 game will resume with Miami in-bounding the ball on the baseline at 00:51.9 remaining in overtime. Miami will be shooting in front of Atlanta’s bench.



  • Atlanta – 114
  • Miami – 111

    Team Fouls:

  • Both teams are in the penalty.

    Timeouts Remaining:

  • Atlanta – one (1) full timeout & two (2) 0:20 timeouts
  • Miami – one (1) 0:20 timeout


  • Josh Smith (Atlanta) – six (6) personal fouls
    (NOTE: Smith must remain on the active list but cannot participate due to his disqualification)


  • Shaquille O’Neal – 4:22/1st (no longer with team)

    Delay of Game Warnings:

  • Atlanta – one (1) – 3:57/OT
  • Heat – zero (0)


  • Teams will be required to submit a new active list for the resumed game in accordance with the rules regarding eligible players set forth below.
  • Players who will be inactive for the resumption of the December 19 game, yet who will be designated as active for the regularly scheduled March 8 game, may be in uniform and are to sit in the second row behind their team benches.


  • All current roster players who were listed on each team's December 19 active list are required to be placed on each team's respective active list for the resumed game. Because of intervening player transactions, the number of such players does not equal 12 for either team. As a result, and in order to reach 12 active players for the resumed game, both teams are permitted to add players to their active lists from the December 19 inactive list and any new roster players acquired since the December 19, 2007, game.
  • The active list players who participated in the December 19 game will retain their original individual personal foul total. Additional players added to complete the 12-player active list will begin the resumed contest with zero personal fouls.
  • Teams will be permitted to begin play with unlimited substitutions and may choose any of their non-disqualified active list players to "start" the resumed game.
  • The following list details all players required to be on each team’s active list and the remaining players eligible for possible addition to your active list. If a newly acquired player is added to a team roster prior to the start of the resumed game (March 8), that player will also be eligible to participate provided he is selected to the active list after all required player spots have been listed.

    Atlanta Hawks Roster (as of 3/3/08):
    Required active list players:
    1. Horford, Al
    2. Johnson, Joe
    3. Jones, Solomon
    4. Law, Acie
    5. Pachulia, Zaza
    6. Smith, Josh
    7. Stoudemire, Salim
    8. West, Mario
    9. Williams, Marvin

    Remaining available players to select from to complete 12-player active list:
    10. Bibby, Mike
    11. Childress, Josh
    12. Claxton, Speedy
    13. Richardson, Jeremy
    14. Potential Roster Addition
    15. Potential Roster Addition

    Miami Heat Roster (as of 3/3/08):
    1. Barron, Earl
    2. Blount, Mark
    3. Cook, Daequan
    4. Davis, Ricky
    5. Haslem, Udonis
    6. Johnson, Alexander
    7. Mourning, Alonzo
    8. Quinn, Chris
    9. Wade, Dwyane
    10. Wright, Dorell

    Remaining available players to select from to complete 12-player active list:
    11. Anthony, Joel
    12. Parker, Smush
    13. Williams, Jason
    14. Banks, Marcus
    15. Marion, Shawn


  • The officials assigned for the regularly scheduled March 8 Miami @ Atlanta game will also work the resumption of the December 19 game. These officials will be briefed and provided a game summary outlining all in-game situations (e.g. team fouls, timeouts, delay of games, etc.). Officials will remain on the court following the completion of the initial game until the start of the regularly scheduled game.

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