Youth Spotlight - Salwa Machti

For this month’s OMYBA Spotlight we speak with Salwa Machti. Salwa is a 7th grade Jr. Magic participant with the All Stars Are Bright program. She’s been with All Stars Are Bright for over three years and is a big fan of the game of basketball!

When did you first start playing the game of basketball?

I first started playing when I was around nine years old.

What initially drew your interest to playing?

My brother, Moad, was already playing in the Jr. Magic program and this drew my attention and interest. When he first started playing it seemed very fun so I also decided to give it a try.

Do you participate in any other sports?

The other sports I participate in are volleyball and soccer and I have played these sports for all my life.

Why do you think playing sports is important for those that are your age?

I think playing sports is important for those who are my age because it is fundamental to participate in any sport while you are still young, and it is a good physical exercise.

How did you first hear about the Jr. Magic program with All Stars Are Bright?

My mom was the one that informed me about the All Stars Are Bright Jr. Magic program and asked me if I wanted to join.

What do you enjoy most about being involved with the Jr. Magic program?

What I enjoy most about the All Stars Are Bright Jr. Magic program is that the coaches teach more significantly, and they inspire me to keep working hard, I would like to thank coach George Hemmings, Coach JaJa Richards and Coach Freedom because they helped me identify my weaknesses and turned them into my strengths. I will always be grateful for all their hard work into helping me improve. So glad that I joined All Stars Are Bright while starting my basketball journey it is a very friendly and family oriented atmosphere, everyone is full of encouragement and positivity, when you sign up with this organization you are signing up to be part of a family full of very knowledgeable coaches, staff and hardworking teammates. I highly recommend the All Stars Are Bright Jr. Magic program for any age and any level.

Have you been to an Orlando Magic game recently? If so, what was your favorite memory?

I have been to an Orlando Magic game recently and my favorite memory was of Stuff.

Who is your favorite Magic player?

Aaron Gordon

Is there a female athlete that you follow and root for?

My favorite female athlete is Candace Parker.

What is your favorite part about the holidays?

My favorite part about the holidays is being with my family and friends. We all have a great time and enjoy it very much.

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