Terrence Ross Participates in Virtual Q&A Answering Fan Questions Live

by Josh Cohen

ORLANDO - Terrence Ross has many interesting stories from his time at Walt Disney World during the NBA season restart. But his most memorable one occurred near the end of the Orlando Magic’s stay on the campus.

It was the early evening of Aug. 23 and Ross was back in his hotel room resting up following practice. He and his squad were in the middle of their first round playoff series against the Milwaukee Bucks. Game 4 was the following day.

Then out of nowhere, right after getting out of the shower, Ross could hear other players yelling and screaming from the other rooms. At that moment, he turned on the television and realized what had caused all that excitement.

“I had missed the best part of the game. It was the Luka Doncic step-back game winner,” Ross recalls. “I was thinking: what happened, why is everybody screaming, did someone get hurt? So I go into the hallway, everybody is in the hallway. We’re all talking about the Luka shot. Everybody is kind of shocked by it. People are running up and down the hallway talking about, yeah, he is going to be the next great player. He’s going to be the next one up, this and that. That was a good story. It was special during playoff time because I didn’t realize how many people in the hotel were watching. You could almost hear around the campus when he made the shot everybody cheering. It was crazy.”

Ross recounting his favorite Disney campus story was just one of several topics he discussed during Tuesday’s virtual Q&A session with current and prospective Magic season ticket holders. Getting the opportunity to meet and interact with Magic coaches and players is one of the many perks of being a team season ticket holder.

Something else brought up during the call was the 29-year-old’s new podcast, the Tross Podcast, which he co-hosts with Stephen “Potsi” Madison. Together, they bring on special guests and talk about everything from sports to entertainment to current events.

“He (Stephen) has kind of always put me on to podcasts. He always, weekly, would send me these random clips of whatever podcasts he was listening to. It’s always kind of piqued my interest because there are so many different topics and so many different subjects and people were talking about all types of random stuff,” Ross said. “He was convincing me that we should try this. (He said) I think we’d be good at doing this. It took a little while. It took a little convincing. But I think once the pandemic kind of hit hard and everybody was pretty much at home, I think that kind of gave us enough time to (come up) with a plan and blueprint. From then on, I think we started in May and from there we kind of took off.”

Guests who have already appeared on the show include actors Scott Haze and Scott Porter, comedian Shapel Lacey, current NBA teammate Aaron Gordon and former teammate Patrick Patterson.

Ross weighed in on the Michael Jordan versus LeBron James debate, which has been a hot topic ever since James and the Lakers defeated the Miami Heat for the NBA championship.

“I think it’s just them two at the top of the mountain now,” he said. “At this point LeBron has been to some Finals for a decade. Jordan was six-for-six. Both of those are just amazing accomplishments in their own right that not many people can say they’ve done. It’s hard for me to say that LeBron is better than Jordan. But it’s also getting hard to say that Jordan is better than LeBron. Right now, I’m going to say them alone, they are at the top.”

As for his team, the Magic sharpshooter is confident they are headed in the right direction after two consecutive playoff appearances.

“We’re all dedicated and we’re all ready to make the next step in our game to try and get to that second round,” he said

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