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Name: Nicole F.

Year on the Team: Fifth Year Veteran & Team Leader

Birthplace/Hometown: Norwood, New Jersey

High School: Deltona High School- Deltona, FL

College: UCF- Orlando, FL

Current Occupation: Dance teacher, part-time bartender and in the process of studying to get my insurance license.

Future Occupational Goals: My ultimate goal in the future would be to open up my very own dance studio here in Orlando. Along with performing, teaching is a huge passion of mine. There would be nothing better than to mentor and teach young dancers and watch them follow their dreams. It would be such a rewarding job -- if you even want to call it a "job"! Teaching dancers to train and work hard to pursue their goals, gain a strong work ethic and showing them their true beauty inside and out would be a blessing to say the least.

Professional Dance Experience: I started dancing at the age of six and I've had the privilege of doing some of the most fun & life-changing dance jobs. I've danced at Radio City Music Hall in NYC, been a backup dancer for Melissa Gorga from "Real Housewives of New Jersey" at Orlando's Red Hot 'n' Boom, and back up danced for many artists signed under Johnny Wright (most known for signed artists like NSYNC, Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys). I've also been a professional dancer on the hit Telemundo TV show "Yo Soy El Artista" with artists like Luis Fonsi, Lucero, & Olga Tanon. I've also danced for the AFL's Orlando Predators!

Hobbies: Some of my hobbies believe it or not are cleaning and organizing my house. I live with three boys between my boyfriend and his two sons, so there is always some kind of cleaning to do. Playing with my scrunchy face handsome English Bulldog, Kash. He's the best dog ever and I am a little obsessed with him :)

I want to be a Magic Dancer because: not only do we get to perform at every game which is my passion, but there are so many life changing moments. I've been given the privilege of meeting some amazing people, traveling the world, and getting to contribute to the Orlando area on a daily basis. What a dream job. It is an honor to hold the title "Orlando Magic Dancer" because of all the alumni before us, our coaches, and the impact we've created in our community.

Three Words to Describe Me: Sassy, outgoing and humble

If I could go anywhere in the world, it would be: St. Barts because of the gorgeous clear water, and it just seems like such a place of serenity. I have been given the privilege of visiting my other dream destinations such as the Bahamas, Rio, and Colombia through the Magic organization.

If I could be anyone in history it would be: Marilyn Monroe. She was such an icon and a woman that maybe didn't fit the "stereotype" but had so much confidence and presence that it didn't matter. I admire people that are true to themselves.

My favorite song to dance to is: anything with a catchy beat and good rhythm. I truly love all types of music: old school jams, pop, hiphop, R&B, country, dance hall, techno, jazz... You name it!


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