Ranking NBA’s Top 10 Small Forwards for 2021-22 Season

#9 Andrew Wiggins

Is Wiggins the most underrated player in the NBA? It’s a weird thing to suggest, simply because he hasn’t lived up to the hype. Remember, some thought he was going to take over the league by the time he turned 26, his present age. But a deeper analysis shows that he’s one of the premier two-way players in the game. His defense last season was elite, particularly as an on-ball defender. He’s an excellent cutter, which stands out in a Steve Kerr motion offense. His 3-point shooting has significantly improved – going from 33 percent in 2019-20 to 38 percent in 2020-21. So much is going to open for him when Klay Thompson returns. Think about this: In 2015-16, the season Golden State won 73 games, 36 percent of Harrison Barnes’ shot attempts came with no defender within six feet of him, per NBA.com’s tracking data. Last season, only 19 percent of Wiggins’ shots came that wide open. The point of the stat is that Wiggins is the Warriors’ third option, which is what Barnes was several years back.

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