Ranking 70 Most Clutch Players in NBA History

The following criteria was used to determine the most clutch players in NBA history:

1) How many clutch shots did each ranked player make throughout their careers?

2) How significant were the clutch shots and performances (regular season, playoffs, Finals)?

3) How memorable were the clutch shots, and are they moments most fans remember or have seen in highlights? Do any of the shots go by a certain phrase (Examples: "The Shot," "Kiss of Death")

4) Does the player have a nickname that references how clutch he was in his career (Examples: "Mr. Big Shot," "Big Game James")?

5) How successful was the player in big games (Finals, playoff elimination games, nationally televised games, etc.)?

6) Just based on reputation, who would you trust taking a game-winning shot?

Click through the slideshow for a look at the 70 most clutch players in NBA history.

June 30, 2018

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