Ranking 70 Greatest Dunkers in NBA History

The 70 best dunkers were ranked based on the following criteria:

1) Has the player won a dunk contest?

2) Has the player participated in a dunk contest (or multiple dunk contests) and if so how well did he perform in the competition?

3) How impressive were/are the player's dunks and was/is the player often featured in top plays of the week for his dunking creativity and explosiveness?

4) Has the player ranked in the top 10 in any given season in total dunks?

5) Is the player known for any memorable dunks during his career?

6) Does the player bring any creativity or extreme power to his dunks in games?

7) For players who have not competed in NBA dunk contests, do they have history (high school, college) competing and having success in amateur dunk contests?

8) Is the player’s best asset his athleticism and leaping ability?

Click through this slideshow for a look at the 70 greatest dunkers in NBA history.

June 30, 2018

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