Orlando Magic Continues its Efforts to Encourage Central Florida to Get Off the Bench. Get Into the Game. VOTE

by Magic PR

ORLANDO - The Orlando Magic are continuing its efforts to encourage Central Floridians to Get Off the Bench. Get Into the Game. VOTE through a multi-pronged approach. The Magic's efforts include a dedicated web page (www.OrlandoMagic.com/vote); Vote.org partnership; PSAs; voter toolkits; player and coach involvement; social media education campaign; opening Amway Center as early voting/voter registration location; and events to encourage voter participation.

Through these efforts the Magic hope to increase voter registration rates, voter turnout and participation in the 2020 U.S. Census. In addition, the Magic look to create voting access to marginalized communities, educate new and previously registered voters on the voting process and provide fans with information on how to register to vote. Magic staff members will also join in the team’s efforts to help achieve these goals around its voting campaign.

The Magic have forged a partnership with Vote.org, a non-partisan organization which uses technology to increase voter turnout working to simplify political engagement and strengthen American democracy. Vote.org will be linked to the Magic's webpage, www.OrlandoMagic.com/vote, which will be a one-stop voter information resource for fans who can utilize the platform's free tools. Some of those tools include checking voter registration status, registering to vote, requesting a vote-by-mail ballot and signing up for election reminders. Through the Vote.org partnership, the Magic hope to register 1,000 new voters.

The team also recently announced a joint partnership with the City of Orlando, Orange County and Orange County Supervisor of Elections to open Amway Center Oct. 19 - Nov. 1 from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. as an early voting location. All registered voters from Orange County will be able to cast their ballot at the Amway Center inside the Disney Atrium, which is one of 20 early voting locations in Orange County. Amway Center will also open on Sept. 22 for voter registration as part of National Voter Registration Day. This will also take place inside the Disney Atrium from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. with giveaways for those who register and appearances by Magic players and coaches.

The Magic join the NBA, its players and coaches in efforts to increase access to voting. The NBA announced that its teams, players and coaches agreed to immediately establish a social justice coalition, with representatives from players, coaches and team governors, that will be focused on a broad range of issues, including increasing access to voting, promoting civic engagement and advocating for meaningful police and criminal justice reform. In addition, under the direction of Magic CEO Alex Martins, the team has formed an internal social justice task force comprised of Magic staff members to address these issues within the Central Florida community.

The NBA also recently unveiled the NBA Foundation that will contribute $300 million in initial funding focused on economic empowerment in the Black community. Over the next 10 years, the 30 NBA team owners will collectively contribute $30 million annually establishing this new, leaguewide charitable foundation. Through its mission to drive economic empowerment for Black communities through employment and career advancement, the NBA Foundation will seek to increase access and support for high school, college-aged and career-ready Black men and women, and assist national and local organizations that provide skills training, mentorship, coaching and pipeline development in NBA markets and communities across the United States and Canada.

Get Off The Bench. Get Into the Game. VOTE.

Make a difference in the Central Florida community and become a voter!

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