Nikola Vucevic Takes Over NBA Twitter Account to Answer Fan Questions

by Josh Cohen

ORLANDO – Shortly after getting in his first workout at the AdventHealth Practice Facility since the NBA suspended the season, Orlando Magic center Nikola Vucevic took some time to answer questions on Twitter sent in by fans from around the world.

Among the topics during Thursday's virtual Q&A were Michael Jordan and the ESPN docuseries, ‘The Last Dance,' Vucevic’s workout routine while social distancing, what he typically eats before a game and what he’s learned while in the NBA.

As far as his thoughts on MJ, the 7-foot Montenegrin has always admired the six-time NBA champion’s drive and persistence.

“What impresses me most about Michael Jordan is his will to win,” Vucevic said. “The competitiveness that he has in himself I think is like nobody else in the NBA, or any other sport maybe. It’s really one of the reasons why he was so great. He always pushed himself for more and asked the same from his teammates. That’s the reason they were so successful and won so many championships.”

During the Twitter takeover, the 29-year-old discussed how developing his body while in college helped prepare him for what was to come in the NBA. At USC, where he played for three years before the Philadelphia 76ers chose him 16th overall in the 2011 NBA Draft, Vucevic started getting into lifting weights, which helped him improve on the court.

“When I got to USC I had the skillset,” he explained. “Obviously, I kept working on that. But I think what really took me to another level was being able to develop my body – get stronger, get bigger, more explosive, faster, everything that goes into it. Before I came to USC I never really lifted. That was a big part of my routine when I went there. For three years, I lifted all the time, almost every day, especially when I first got there. The first two months I lifted really hard. I was in the weight room more than the court.”

Even while gyms and NBA practice facilities were closed, Vucevic stayed in excellent shape while isolating. Like many other NBA players during these unique times, the 2019 All-Star found ways to stay active.

“Some of the workouts that I did during the quarantine that I usually don’t do – in season especially – I did a lot of biking and I did a lot of rowing on the Concept2 machine,” he said. “That was very fun for me. The rowing because I can kind of compete against myself – do it one time and then the second time try to beat it.”

Vucevic was the second Magic player to participate in a Q&A on the NBA’s Twitter account since the season was suspended. In mid-April, Jonathan Isaac answered a variety of fan questions that focused on his charity work, the player he looked up to during his youth and the advice he gives young athletes aspiring to make it to the NBA.

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